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The Truth About 911 Can Finally be Revealed


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The Destruction of the Voice of Russia Details by an Anonymous Source  


MKULTRA and the House of the Rising Sun: Destroying Minds


Twenty Years of Targeting by MI6, CIA and "Illuminati" Assets


The Ever Present Evil 5th Column in the Russian Federation



On 22 Years of Exile and My Fight for Freedom Against the Corporation of the United States and the

Globalist New World Order Filth Who Took Over Russia After the Collapse of the USSR






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BOOK25A An Introduction of Sorts

BOOK25A In Defense of Mother Russia

The Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of JournalistsThe Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists

BOOK25A Rio Piedras Puerto Rico and the Birth of Juan Antonio Robles Melendez Rios - Background

Arawak/Taino Society was a Very Gentle Culture

BOOK25A Rio Piedras Boriken (Puerto Rico): My Birth in an Open Genocide/Sterilization Zone

BOOK25A Childhood Experimentation, Brutal Abuse and Sexual Exploitation: Failed MKULTRA Subject

BOOK25A EXPO '86 - The KGB, the Most Beautiful Girl in the World and the Russian Pavilion

BOOK25A The Collapse of the Soviet Union, Bohemian Grove, Bell Canyon and John Bowers

BOOK25A My Years as a Specialized Long Haul Tractor Trailer Driver Trainer - Learning Russian

BOOK25A The Home, the Family and the KKK

BOOK25A A Clerical Error? The Hell of CPS Begins

BOOK25A Exposing CPS: The Grand Jury I Called that Never Happened

BOOK25A Escaping the Psychotic United States

BOOK25A Mexico, Belize, Cuba, Europe, Poland, Belarus and Mother Russia Gives Us a Home

BOOK25A My Marina: The 6 Foot 3 Wife Who Tried to Kill Me Several Times

BOOK25A The 1990s in Russia: Mafia and CIA Killers on Every Corner: Until Putin Appeared

BOOK25A The Killers Became Businessmen and Masons and are Now in Power

BOOK25A Dying for a Document: How Honest People are Being Marginalized and Killed Off

BOOK25A The MI6 Lists and Interceptor

BOOK25A 911 and the Birth of JAR2

BOOK25A USAID and the Complete Take Over of Russian Civil Society

BOOK25A WikiLeaks

BOOK25A The Falsified Reason for Revoking My US Citizenship By the CIA-COS 

BOOK25A Being Locked in a Classroom With My Students at BKC-Ih

BOOK25A 13 Years in Malohovka for BKC-International House Building a School for a Ukrainian Thug

BOOK25A The Voice of Russia World Service in English: Exposing 911 and the CIA to the World


BOOK25A Targetting by Michael McFaul and Infiltration by CIA/MI6/MOSSAD Into the Voice of Russia 

BOOK25A Exposing the Boston Bombing

BOOK25A Edward Greenberg and Operation Snow Den


BOOK25A Operation Ukraine and My Part in Reuniting the Republic of Crimea

BOOK25A The God's Chosen People at the Voice of Russia and the Baseball Bat Meeting

BOOK25A The Truth About the Liquidation of the Voice of Russia - Author Unknown

BOOK25A American Refugee in Russia Persecuted by US Gestapo: Poisoned and Destroyed



BOOK25A Corrupt Rogue Police in Lubertsy: A Disgrace to the Russian Federation

BOOK25A My Year in Hiding Starving in Crimea: From Hell to Memories of an Even Worse Hell

BOOK25A Living in the Middle of Nowehere in a Bunker After Froced Into Hiding

BOOK25A I spoke Out on the Wild Attempt to Strip Me of Parental Rights Because of my Accent!!!!

BOOK25A The Human Rights Disaster of the Century or the Systematic Murder of a Family?

BOOK25A The Real Illuminati Hand in Russia's Financial Sector and How We Are Targetted

BOOK25A 22 years refusing to normalize status Russia wanted to deport my daughter

BOOK25A On the Two Row Wampun With Russia - The Historic LETTER

BOOK25A The New World Order Must Be Stopped

BOOK25A Some Quotes from Officials



BOOK25A An Introduction of Sorts: Why I am Putting My Entire Life Story On-line.

 I have been a targeted individual (TI) for almost my entire life and have decided to write this book and put it together so that the public and the people of the world know the true evil that indigenous people and TIs face.

As a journalist and blogger I have written thousands of articles and blog entries and have been doing this for over twenty years now.

This work is an attempt to take all of that work and try to put it all into one cohesive and complete work so that my children, grandchildren and others will know what me and my children have been through and selfishly for myself to try to make sense and come to terms with everything that I have been through and the evil that exists in this horrendous world.

Through this work I also hope to expose some of the characters responsible for all of the evil in the hopes that somehow they will be stopped.

In reality I have been a TI since childhood and a direct victim of the white supremacist system of the United States of America. I suffered under white supremacist programming that every American goes through yet which very few actually see for what it is.

My life and my experiences can not be extricated from the genocidal polices of this government that was founded on the genocide of my people and the theft of our lands and riches and futures. Nor can I extricate my life from the events going on around the world and affecting all of us so I will try to tell my story against the backdrop of the larger picture.

Given my small historic first, being the first political aylee in the Russian Federation from the United States, much of my story id directly affected as my whole life has been by the racist imperialist policies of the US and their Central Intelligence Agency.

As a targeted person, as is the case with all targeted people, having my story known by as many people as possible is vital for keeping myself alive and vital for preventing their continued targeting.

At the beginning it may have seemed to the casual observer that I was simply a paranoid individual but as time has gone on the continued documented targeting of myself and them my children can leave no one with any doubt that what they tried to dismiss as a conspiracy theory, is in fact a real and present and ongoing conspiracy by intelligence agencies as the operational instruments of the state actors who want me destroyed.     

As of this writing for who I am and all I have done throughout my life: attempting to expose CPS, obtaining asylum, my journalistic work exposing the CIA/MI6, 911 and more, my open and loud political activism, daring to recognize Palestine in front of a world audience, assisting in the prevention of  CIA orchestrated color revolution in Russia, stopping the establishment of a NATO colony in Crimea and all my work exposing the 5th column of the Russian Khazari/CIA/MI6/Jews who run ALL of the media, the following actions have been taken against me or done and are just part of a longer list: Multiple attempts on my life in the United States, including car accidents, beatings and physical attacks, the burning down of my house with me and my kids in it, the attempt to drive me into destitution and "legal paper" me to death, which was supposed to get them my children, the illegal confiscation of all my real property in 1995 and the attempt to force me to "work" for the FBI after I called for a grand jury to convene against CPS Woodland California, then three robberies in Russia, the taking away of  my citizenship in 2007 (with the words by the CIA Station Chief to "close my f#cking site), the taking of my school in 2009, the taking away of my media job and liquidation of the Voice of Russia, the destruction of my career and my subsequent black listing, the destruction of my marriage, the attempted destruction of my reputation, the taking away of my children, the imprisonment of my son on false charges, the multiple physical attacks on my person, approximately 6 attempts to run me off the road here in Russia, being robbed 3 times, stealing my car and other property, ridiculing me publicly in the media and in court even going so far as to say I was never an announcer when I had 480 million listeners, attempted to take away my parental rights because I have an accent, destroying any chance of a future for my son and daughter, poisoning me, physically smashing all my most precious possessions (ex-wife), being forced into living in hiding in a place where I have not interacted with a living person for over a year, physically destroying my servers, running a concerted banking blockade against me and trying to block the last little income I have, terrorizing me by placing me on nazi target lists and finally getting death threats almost everyday which has already become normal. Finally some "unkown linspector" less than two weeks ago was threatening to deport my sick daughter.

It is my hope that with the publication of this book all of this will finally stop and we will be allowed to normalize our lives and I can at least die with the knowledge that my children will be okay. 


Dear Friends,

Best wishes to all of you. Getting to the truth has been a long and hard road but after 16 years researching 911, years now spent trying to connect the dots of the Snowden operation WikiLeaks  and decades trying to fight my own fight I believe that I have finally reached the truth and all that may be left is connecting a few minor remaining dots and filling in a few small details.

The past month has been extremely interesting and even new information on WikiLeaks and the connection with the Russian media has come to light which is extremely depressing given the level of infiltration that the Globalists have achieved in Russia.

911 Explained:  https://vimeo.com/63810454    http://www.jar2.com/Topics/911.html

I was contacted by an ex-colleague of Snowden however dealing with such people as spooks is dangerous and impossible to figure out what they are really after but apparently he saw my journalistic work questioning Snowden and decided to contact me. He claims he was tortured by the CIA and has been disowned after he requested access to his own files regarding Snowden and certain 911 cover-up operations they were involved in. This should be a bombshell but no media outlet will touch it. Not even in Russia. A curious development but one which came clear I believe after information ha appeared of Chinese and Russia surveillance systems that are almost identical to PRISM. Leaving me with the conclusion that Snowden/Greenberg simply sold the Russians and Chinese PRISM and rather than exposing mass-surveillance he has actually now expanded it to a global level.

Snowden: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/Snowden.html

As for WikiLeaks there has still not been any contact from over 62 sources associates and friends I had in the organization, not on any of our old emergency channels nor public coded messages. It remains under complete CIA control and no one in the media wants to expose it. What has now become the Assange account is a complete fake run by a guy in France who writes in American English and is doing nothing but insulting the memory of the Assange we knew. As for Assange we still stick by the initial data we had last October that he was renditioned out of the Embassy. Some are saying he is staying at the Rothschild estate or somewhere in the UK and is brought in to give appearances on the orator balcony.

WikiLeaks: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/WikiLeaks.html

My One year of research into the Illuminati and the New World Order I would say has been concluded with the final puzzle being who is at the top. The answer was also sent to my by a source and it was quite surprising for me to learn that yes there is one person at the top of the Illuminati pyramid, a fact that they obfuscate so much that it took a year to find out.

New World Order: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/NWO.html

World War III is of course what we are fighting the most and has already been going on since 2014. The Illuminati (the most fitting term for the banking cabal that is running the world now) through the Military Industrial Complex of the West and the worldwide media is doing everything they can to shut down ever single site exposing their machinations or telling the truth, they are assassinating journalists, banning people by the millions on social media and systematically spreading lies and a reality that they are trying to create. Ongoing stuff is on the site everyday.

JAR2.com: http://www.jar2.com/   

Should I tell the truth here or should soften it up for you so people don’t get scared off? I always tell the truth so I guess there is no reason to stop now.

We are still under total attack 24/7 from bots, spiders gobbling up files over and over and endless intrusion attempts but we are behind 3 firewalls and have locked everything down as tightly as possible. JAR2 com is getting over a million hits a month now and this keeps increasing I suppose as people in the West get tired of the lies they are being fed and he endless brainwashing going on. I recommend to everyone never to turn on a television or watch films. The NSA and CIA have subliminal technologies that are 50 years ahead of anything you could even imagine.  

The illuminati continue to promote perverted sexual agendas with the next phase attempting to normalize bestiality. We continue to fight them on social media and currently after the 6th ban or lock out from Twitter and after someone started to help we have about 65,000 followers which is not bad. However this does not correlate to donate unfortunately.

We discovered our Twitter accounts are being uploaded onto servers run by the Ukrainian Nazis. This is horrendous and real and explains a lot. Twitter uses their databases to suspend accounts. It is horrendous and unbelievable that Soros and the Illuminati scum have been allowed to bring Nazis to power in 2017.

I still can not get a job and am still living in the middle of nowhere for my own safety although there are three people whom I am very grateful to who are send what they can. We are not like WikiLeaks asking for 10 million dollars a month just trying to make about $600 to cover the rent and expenses.

My e-mails keeping going into spam boxes and this may be sent several times so I apologize. Again they are doing everything they can to starve us into oblivion but we are trying to fight on. Currently our food has run out and the rent is overdue and the last donation of 3000 rubles is still in the Pay Pal transfer cycle so we ask you to please give a little to keep the site going and us alive.

After giving everyone the password to the blog it was hacked along with the news page so now it is either off-line or wide open. Right now it is on-line.

My son has not called for about a month now and I am worried. I am writing one last letter due to the fact that there is new evidence regarding the so-called witnesses in his case. It turns out they were police. My life has become a human rights catastrophe and I do not understand how they allow what has been done to us continue. I have almost lost all hope in humanity except for the few of you who seem to care. This all started with a clerical error for me and the end of humanity started with 911 and as long as the criminal satanic cabal behind 911 is not gotten rid of the world is facing devastation and millions will be killed, Americans included.

Some of the daily attacks we receive I have posted on the site including specific targeting in a specific DMCA complaint I have already outlined. I know I am from another world because these kinds of things just do not fit. They are wrong and it is truly like a Zombie Apocalypse which is the closest thing I can think  of to compare Ukraine. Horrendous.

FEMA Camps

We have some new information about FEMA Operations in Texas from an eyewitness rescuer who says they are physically killing people there.

REX84: http://www.jar2.com/Topics/REX84.html

It would be so easy to stop them. We just peacefully stop funding their machine worldwide. But they have most of the world literally under mind control. It is horrendous.

We have to pray for peace.    

Love you and I hope to write to you again.

John Anthony Robles II

BOOK25A In Defense of Mother Russia


BOOK25A The Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists

International – Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists (1971)   Posted on June 9, 2011

Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists, adopted by six syndicates of journalists of the six countires of the European community in Munich, 23-24 November 1971.


The right to information, to free speech and to criticism is one of the most fundamental freedoms of every human being. The whole complex of duties and rights of journalists derives from this right of the public to know facts and opinions. The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power. The mission to inform necessarily includes the limits journalists spontaneously impose on themselves. This is the subject of the present declaration of duties. Yet these duties can be effectively respected in the exercise of the journalist profession only if the concrete conditions of professional independence and dignity are implemented. This is the subject of the declaration of rights quoted here.

Declaration of duties

The essential duties of the journalist in gathering, reporting on and commenting on events consist in:

1) Respecting the truth no matter what consequences it may bring about to him, and this is because the right of the public is to know the truth.

2) Defending the freedom of information, of commentaries and of criticism.

3) Publishing only such pieces of information the origin of which is known or – in the opposite case – accompanying them with due reservations; not suppressing essential information and not altering texts and documents.

4) Not making use of disloyal methods to get information, photographs and documents.

5) Feeling obliged to respect the private life of people.

6) Correcting any published information which has proved to be inaccurate.

7) Observing the professional secrecy and not divulging the source of information obtained confidentially.

8) Abstaining from plagiarism, slander, defamation and unfounded accusations as well as from receiving any advantage owing to the publication or suppression of information.

9) Never confusing the profession of journalist with that of advertiser or propagandist and not accepting any consideration, direct or not, from advertisers.

10) Refusing any pressure and accepting editorial directives only from the leading persons in charge in the editorial office. Every journalist worthy of this name feels honoured to observe the above-mentioned principles; while recognising the law in force in each country, he does accept only the jurisdiction of his colleagues in professional matters, free from governmental or other interventions.

BOOK25A The Real and Present Danger in Revealing the Truth From MKULTRA to Corruption

Corruption is like a cancer and in any system just one corrupt little element placed in the right place will eventually spread its evil, infecting and killing the entire body.

I was the the first former US citizen and am the only Native American to have received asylum in the Russian Federation, that was in 2007. My children also recieved it. I was also the 690th person overall to receive asylum and now there have been over 13,000 with asylum or pending/failed asylum claims. I am writing this as a warning to them and everyone else in the world entertaining the idea of seeking asylum in Russia. I have waited 10 years for the asylum system to work and it has not changed. It is designed in such a way as to only destroy asylees. There are no benefits, no assistance and most importantly no protections whatsoever. To think that someone is getting billions of rubles to help refugees and for housing is incredibly, but they are helped by our silence because once you have asylum they control your life and you must not make noise or criticise anyone and there is no on one to go to because even the United Nations says once you have asylum all problems must be dealth with in Russia, you are at their mercy but Russia has no mercy because corrupt officials with no human compassion run the system. Officials who are in government to serve their pocket books only and nothing more.

My Final Sacrifice To Save the Defenseless and Our Dear Mother Russia

At the risk of life and limb I am about to write about a very awful truth in Russia, something true and something that could  get me killed or worse, that is a fact and not an exaggeration, but I am doing so for noble reasons and because I love Russia and want to make her better and not to damage here as she has been damaged enough and in order to save Mother Russia herself and millions of innocent people and try to make sure no one ever goes through what I have been through again.


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