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Бог спрашивает его: Что ты сделал, чтобы помочь жителям Донбасса, Палестинцам и Американским Индейцам?
Англо-саксонец говорит: I don't speak Russian.
Cпокойной ночи всем

02-04-2023 Personal Message to Those Who Know Me and Silent Millions, It's Time...

In the real world I am tired, alone and completely isolated (even though 4,000 of you visit the site every day) but I am living well in a huge five room bunker and Musya is fine. However I will soon be taking a long swim in warm waters so you may not hear from me for a long while. For those who know me you know what I am talking about. If you can take Musya I would be grateful. I apologize deeply and sincerely to anyone I have ever hurt in this stinking hell world and must say I have no regrets. There was never an injustice that I saw that I did not try to right. I saw evil and fought evil and tried to make the world a better place for my children and all of the children to come. You can blame a CIA controlled Russian bureaucrat.

I see you visiting every day, Southend, Pushino, Lubertsy, L.A., Texas, Moscow, Beijing, Scotland, Croatia, Belize, South America, Africa, Eritrea, Palestine and all of those wonderful places and people who I will never see, and I wonder: Why does no one ever write to me? I guess you all think Asylum is a contagious disease. It's not. It was a victory over the entire stinking West and a historic victory. Be that as it may...

Have a nice day wherever you may be. You know how to contact me, the information is all over this site.


02-03-2023 Important Information Regarding Possible Closure of JAR2

If you are are reading this and support JAR2 and my decades of journalistic work I suggest you start downloading everything you can while jar2 is still on-line.

Given the fact that CIA officer (William "Close your fucking site" Burns) who illegally revoked my US citizenship and left me and my family stateless in 2007 is now the Director of the CIA, as was "Bloody" Gina Haspel who ran the Black Operation against my son, my heretofore "secret" war against the International Criminal Organization called the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will move to a different level. They have not left me alone so I am forced to defend myself. 

I am the last dedicated 911 truther and the only real critic of the CIA that is left. After Hawkins (Assange) reported us to Clinton (CIA) as he did to everyone else we did what we had to do. John Young should prepare. I would also remind any Russian cooperating with the CIA either in targetting me or in spreading their messages or operations in the media, or in any other way whatsoever, that you are guilty of treason, and we are in fact in a state of war against the United States of America and the West and the CIA is an integral part of the War Machine attempting to destroy the Russian Federation. So while you happily "help any special service" keep in mind you are committing treason and will have to one day pay the price for that. You know who you are. - End of Message  

24-01-2023 Open Letter to the United Nations and Sovereign Countries - This is what the CIA does to their opponents whom they can not just kill outright. Scum, pure criminal scum! 

Letter to United Nations in English

Letter to United Nations in Russian

Almost a month has passed since the attempt on the life of my son. It was a continuation of the Gang Stalking and the persecution that I have been faced with for almost three decades and the CIA/MI6's fingerprints are all over it. Just like every holiday since 2007, every birthday, Christmas, New Year's and every other holiday which they think is important to me has seen similar events all recorded and detailed on the previous years of this blog and in my Insurance File. They have made the mistake of believing they could "get to me" but they do not understand that psychologically they can no longer harm me in anyway. As a normal father I have the normal feelings any father would have towards anyone who would hurt my children, but they are kept deeply hidden away.

The only thing I could do in this case was inform Security and write a letter to the United Nations. However as the United Nations has not answered my letter I will publish it here soon, giving them the chance to answer first since we all know they all follow my site.


Not only 5 minutes before New Year's did I get the message from my son when I tried to send him my best wishes but I had to spend the entire holiday period watching a raven with a broken wing die right under my window. Am I bothered? As in depressed, sucidal? No. If anything happens to me it was not an accident. I am 100% in self preservation mode, thank you very much. Do I believe in coincidences? Not when the cold blooded murderer and son of bitch who illegally revoked my passport became the director of the international murder corporation called the CIA.

Will be uploading the message soon...


RIP my little friend

06-01-2023 - Due to Ceasefire All Publishing Ceased for 36 Hours

Friday January 06, 2023 (318)  CEASEFIRE STARTING 06-01 12:00 UNTIL 07-01 24:00

On New Year's Eve There Was a Murder Attempt on the Son of the Author in the USA. His Condition is Guarded

Published January 04, 2023


We demand a proper investigation by international authorities as the "authorites" in California can not be trusted, are most likely complicit and have done nothing to find the attempted murderer. (FBI gangstalking in its birthplace)

End of Statement  

15-01-2023 10:00 All Roads Lead to Empire of Lies (Rome) and the Secret Kill Squads

You have to step back, very far back, like in a bunker in the north of Russia back, to see the big picture. I see it and you would see it to if you turned off, went off the NWO grid and thought for a while, a long while, as I have. You should heed every single word you read here, because in our temporal reality on this 911 unprosecuted CIA/DARPA fabricated timeline this is the last free speech platform on the planet Earth. Think I'm joking? Take a minute and look at what is on jar2. Not convinced? Go back into the matrix and continue your dream like existence. Zarkovsky had it right, Einstein even saw it, and they tried to tell humankind, but humankind is not ready and will never be ready as long as the 300 keep ruling the world. Right now they are vulnerable because of this, because of this site and attempts by others to get the truth out, because of this, because of the Internet which was created as a global spy and disinformation net for the US MIC who thought they could control it.  

Let's talk about a truly forbidden topic for a minute. I mean truly forbidden, one that is so obfuscated with layer upon layer of lies, distractors and dead end rabbit holes that even Marx would have a hard time making heads or tails of it today. Let's talk about your finances, your standard of living and your enslavement to the Corporation. Ah, yes... That word again... Keeps popping up here and there... The Corporation... The American Indians know about the Corporation... We talked about it on the Voice of Russia World Service... The same VOR Goebbels complained about. Satanic Scientologist Tom Cruise mentioned it in one of his Reacher CIA propaganda films... And Patrushev also talked about it recently when he mentioned all of the assassinated US Presidents and the trail of the Corporation... The same Corporation or Cabal behind the 911 false flag defensive terror attack and the ASTEROIDS... The Old Boys and the 300... The Royals and the monarchial genetic "ruling class" know about the Corporation... But what does that have to with your finances and enslavement? The managerial team of the Corporation just met recently and your life was one of the appetizers on their cannibalistic plate... Yes dear reader, I do mean that little gathering of the high priests of Moloch called Davos... Where Satan's predatory cannibal "capitalists" meet to plan the next stage of their "New World Order".  Those two adjectives are the key to unlocking the truth of what is really going on but all of this goes back almost two thousand of years.

With the collapse of the USSR the "West" had it's victory over the "evil" that was social justice, equality and the elevation of the human condition that was to have been Communism, something that Soviet Socialism always strove for and where we are today is a result of that "victory". I've written about this before in one of my thousands of essays and the details would take volumes to tell but for the purpose of brevity let us just point to the results and what we have today. Today we are seeing, right in front of your noses people, the logical conclusion of capitalism as directed by the Corporation. We have partially educated elites cannibalizing human kind in their endless drive to maintain and unsustainable growth curve upward and now they want to kill 8 billion of us and are in fact on their way to doing just that. Social justice and your standard of living will only remain a dream because there are no more leaders of the people in the West and there are no more movements to stop the elites and their agendas. Why do you think Soros took over ALL the social justice movements? The Corporation now controls everything in the "West", even the opposition.

There is no longer a global socialist movement and the ideas of Marxism and Communism have been perverted and obfuscated by the Corporation and the globalist scum of the "West". Just look at Alex Jones how he claims the globalists are the Chicoms, as he calls them. No the globalists are not the Chinese, they have actually made Socialism work, the true evil in the world is the neo-Axis of the Corporation headed by the Corporation of the United States and it is time to stop it and its resource stealing force NATO.  

I have to go our for a while, I have things to do in the real world but I will leave you with this: a large part of the Internet, my beloved Internet, where I have lived most of my adult life, has been turned into a megaphone for the elite scum and the Corporation, but even though I have been erased from CIA/MOSSAD/Google and CIA/MOSSAD/WikiPedia (do a search on Yandex and Google for the name John Robles and you will see what I mean) my visitor count is up, way up. compared to a year ago it has risen by about 600% as people begin to abandon the CIA/MOSSAD/MOCKINGBIRD lie machine that is the Western net seeking the truth. Anyway have a nice day wherever you may be.

Note: If you are new to JAR2 and noticed there is no "like" button or share link or anything else like that, well, that's not because I couldn't program them into my hand-made pages but because as a real journalist and not a presstitute, I don't give a rat's ass if you like me or not, I stopped caring about that years ago when I realized that even the readers will kill the messenger and nobody gives a shit about real truthers and real asylees, only the ones promoted by the Jewry.   

14-01-2023 22:00 Happy New Year to All - Message to the "Davos Men" Hah hah hah

You just have to laugh at the idiocy of the globalists, makes one wonder how much education or intelligence it takes to join the circle jerk at Davos. How long do they really think their global empire of lies is going to last? The lied about global warming, they lie about NATO, they lie about pandemics, they publicly state they want to kill 8 billion people then lie about that. Which is where my latest round of ROFLOL comes in, sure they pushed their trans agenda and Satanism and all their sick and twisted Illuminati Zionist global domination bullshit and dumbed down the people and took over the media so that the sheeple are fed only the lies they want them to eat but again and again they prove dimwitted, at best sophomoric and in reality retarded.

Okay Gates and Fauci and your Rothschild masters, did you stop and think for a minute what will happen if you do succeed in killing 8 billion humans and have your "Golden Billion"? There are so many questions I don't even know where to begin. As your debts are now in the trillions who is going to pay for all your shit? Who is going to maintain everything that needs to be maintained so you continue to live in your "elite comfort", surely even if 1 billion people are working directly for you and supporting and maintaining your properties and your lifestyles that is not enough to maintain the rest of the world and all of the peripheral things you need to continue to play kings of the world. First off there will no longer be anyone to worship you and buy your shit and make you billions. 1 billion indentured servants will in no way be happy with you for killing 8 billion other humans and there is no doubt that every single one of your servants, security personnel, medical staff and the like will be just waiting for the moment when they can poison you or stick a knife in your throat.

Even if you do succeed in killing 8 billion and enslaving the world there is no way you can enslave and control everyone and if you do succeed those that are left will not be enough to defend you from attack and maintain all of your properties and the infrastructure required to keep them running and in normal condition. 1 billion is not going to be enough to cover everything from farming, so you have food, to production so you have vehicles and planes and the like, to building, energy production and on and on and on. The world is a big place and there will be many places to hide for the millions that are left, off the grid with the only goal of their existence being your annihilation. Okay so then what? You nuke the world and live underground for several generations and then what? Go and live in the jungle? And what if a real pandemic comes along from the billions of rotting corpses and rotting cities devoid of life and teaming with every known infection known to man? Then what? You lose your billion and are left with what? Your circle jerk at Davos? Sure you are above the law and your genocides will never be punished but everyone despises you and at the end of the day you will die alone, spit on and broken but have destroyed the civilization that brought you to your undeserved throne.


31-12-2022 09:00 Happy New Year to All - The Catholic Church is the Anti-Christ

Someone asked me if I celebrate Catholic Christmas and my question is why would I celebrate the holidays of an organization that is responsible for the genocide of my people (the American Indians - Doctrine of Discovery) and labelled us animals and continues and has been committing genocide against my other people (Russians - Crusades) since the 1200s? One only has to study a little history and have a rudimentary knowledge of scripture to understand that the Catholic church has nothing to do with Christianity in the same way as Islam or Judaism. We are all God's creatures and Jesus never segregated those who came to listen to him, he never relegated this or that person due to their racial features and he himself was not of European appearance. Islam allows for the killing of those who do not follow Allah and in fact promotes it, as does Catholocism and Judaism, the latter even elevating themsleves to the level of "the chosen" as they commit genocide worlwide and enslave the goy who they deem they have the right to kill. The bible says do not worship false Gods and the image of Catholic Jesus is the son of Pope Borgia, hence the worship of a false god right from the start. The Catholic is the most racist genociding organization in history and thus the Catholic Church is the true anti-christ and this is evident in all of the evil they are involved in today and all of the evil they condone, even silently, the most Satanic being the LGBTQPBND etc. agenda. So no I do not celebrate Catholic events. Given that I was the son of a Lutheran minister and his German wife an ex-Catholic nun who was forced to study all those stories you might take note.

      Finally it is not polite to ask someone what their religion is, my religion is my faith and it is not for show or as part of the public dialogue and those who know me and are worthy already know. I celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January.

26-12-2022 00:00 To My VK Friends and Anyone Worried About My Safety

First of all thank you for contacting me and for being worried about what happened to me! Those of you who noticed that I have not been on VK and took the time to find me and ask me if I was okay are real friends. Unfortunately there were not that many of you but in fact more than I had thought. As there is not statute of limitations on treason, be that to the USA or to Russia, and I am a material witness to the treason of hundreds of people in what was the 5th column, their solution is to try to eliminate me quietly.

After the bloodbath at the Voice of Russia which culminated in their attempted murder of me by poison (2015) I have not been able to secure any kind of normal employment being blacklisted by the Jewish mafia and the entire top levels of the 5th column except for the position of senior teacher at the Russian Academy of Sciences which then forced me out when they realized my staunch anti-American views.

There were attempts to take me out in April and then in June of this year but they failed and I am living comfortably in a new apartment doing freelance work but have been forced to go small. After an operation in August in which they installed a steel screen in my stomach to keep my intestines from popping out and killing me (a condition I had for several years and possibly the result of my poisoning), I got a new lease on life.

My right to citizenship continues to be violated and they keep hoping I will just die like Bobby Fisher.

I hope that someday the United Nations or anyone in the civilized world will determine that it is a human right to have citizenship and being left stateless is illegal. By revoking my US Passport in 2007 and by refusing to grant me Russian citizenship for 15 years I was made factually stateless and kept that way by Russia. Asylum should not be a CUBE like death box, citizenship should be a human right.

I will not tell you what my current status is but almost 30 years waiting for a passport is a joke of historic proportions and the fact that no one has ever spoken out in my defense only goes to show that racism trumps all.

Again sorry if I worried anyone, after there was an attempt to take me out in a car accident I had to go small. CIA and MI6 Black Ops are continuing to do a good job of staying covert in Russia proper.

Have a nice day!  If you really care please send money.((( 

22-12-2022 New Article Coming Soon - You can read that! Meanwhile... LULZ

So why are you visiting this page? You can't handle the fact that I was right about everything and want to read about how I am being destroyed for writing the truth so you can pat yourself on the back and keep pretending that liars will win? Liars will never win because the reality you create will mathematically eventually collapse upon itself as it is not anchored. All the truth has to do is wait it out. Your phony Twitter/Meta verse does not have much time left, no matter what QANON type imperial racist liars you promote as the front man for the Empire of Lies. - LULZ

12-01-2022 Security: The Methodology of Murder by CIA/Implanted State Actors

What is currently taking place with regard to the elimination of JAR2.

The real issue here is that I have been fighting the 5th column and the attempts to colonize Russia for over 20 years. I have exposed to the proper Russian authorities more illegal incursions and operations to subjugate the Russian State than any other individual that I know of. I was recruited decades ago and have worked almost my entire adult life to protect Russian Security. As a Russian agent I have fought "Western" agents here for decades in all of my work, including my over 20 years of teaching and thousands of articles. Therefore now that Operation Z has started to end the colonizers attempts at enslaving Mother Russia it was believed I would be allowed to normalize my status, but that has not happened. Apparently the same State Department trained and paid individuals are still in the key structures that are responsible for my normalization. This is an issue for Russian Counter Intelligence BUT these are "politcal" actors and so far Z has not touched these entrenched individuals. The so called "elites". That is the story in a nutshell. All of it already published on JAR2.

We ask you and all interested parties who care about elementary human rights to ask President Putin to put an end to the slow motion murder of JAR2 owner John Robles. The details are in a letter to President Putin which you can find on John's VK social media account. Again please ask President Putin to stop the slow motion murder of JAR2 site owner, former Voice of Russia investigative geo-political journalist and the first asylee from the USA in the Russian Federation. You can download the letter from JAR's VK page and send a comment on the Kremlin website. Thank you. 

Letter to President Putin


Non Answer to Letter


Letters to Kremlin


VK public post on the issue

The CIA artchitects have made asylum a CUBE-like death trap from which there is no escape

President Putin has talked about the dungeons of Guantanamo and the primitive methods of the "West" in regards to human rights but right under his nose the CIA has hidden the worst modern torture dungeon in the annals of world history. This dungeon does not have walls, it does not have chains or torture devices, that would be too obvious. What it does have are the virtual, invisible chains of medieval bureaucracy and Catch 22 regulations that torture worse than any waterboard could. We could call it a virtual dungeon and this virtual free space is the only place you will hear about it. The real-world results of this brutal murder machine and virtual CUBE are the almost same as a real world dungeon, however the torture is much worse because it is administered by people who "help" asylees, rather than the honest figure of an executioner or torturer. The damage is not only psychological, drawing out a passive execution, in my case for decades, but physical as stress and lack of proper human conditions degrades in the same way as torture only much slower.   

11-29-2022 Security: The Conspiracy to Murder Me Continues, the Former "Elites"

          The CIA's puppets in Moscow have their hands into everything. The fact that the CIA officer trying to hide their illegal lucre was given Russian citizenship is all of the evidence of this that is needed. In the end it turned into just an average spy story where the cowardly slippery traitor just went to the other side. But, and this is a pretty big BUT, the global (Moscow) media who championed him in the Limited Hangout phase are now left in a quandary aren't they? Oh how they have become silent and in the end game to finally kill me they have issued media blackouts on all such "cases" just for me. It is so obvious, so criminal and so treacherous that it is beyond words, almost. The demonic selfish treasonous "CABAL" mafia, let's be honest and stop calling them "elites" because there is nothing "elite" about insatiable greed and slef-servience, are attempting to take over the world under the aegis of being "technocrats" (meaning they are using technology to advance their criminal global aims). These former CIA/MI6/MOSSAD controlled assets, made rich during the '90s and under the "Liberal" flag are so entrenched that extracting quietly them is proving much more difficult than was previously planned. However the purge of the "Westernizer" scum continues and hopefully justice will be swift. In my case the United Nations is a complete and total joke, and even China can not stand up to the CIA. So as always the only hope is Russian Security and President Putin himself, even the Kremlin is infected.    

           The CABAL are nothing but liars and mass-murdering satanic lunatics at the end of the day all of the evil in the world leads right back to Europe, or as they say all roads lead to Rome. Russia has now seen what I have been talking about for decades as the CABAL flips the switch and lies lies and lies, but what is an honest man to do when surrounded by liars attacking from every side when all he has is the sword of truth?

           The world was almost taken over by a savage insatiable CABAL who want us all dead, have murdered billions already and control the global media to propagate and spread the illusion of their superiority, their illusory status of being above the law and manipulating and brain washing the masses into subservience and obedience using illegal military grade psychological operations against the unsuspecting civilian masses. Those controlling the media and involved in these operations are guilty, more than anyone who pulls the trigger, of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and it all leads back to the City of London and their genocide colonies called the USA and Israel.  - MORE TO COME

            Time to Expose the Middle Ages Mediocrity of Evil and CUT THE SHIT!

           Protecting the cash flows for the CIA/MI6 mafia is the main "task" of the "other" asylee and the evidence is about to be released. Yes I still have evidence that I have not shared. it is not even part of my insurance package, but all that aside let's just cut the shit.

           Yes it is time to cut the shit! And I am in no way shape or form interested whether I am popular, whether some "truther" or other CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/Corporation sock puppet backs me up, that never happened and never will so let's cut the shit and sharpen up the blade of truth. Here I am, almost 30 years in Russia trapped in a death box of carefully designed middle ages bureaucracy almost just like Fisher only by now I already have the world and historical record for surviving with asylum. Historically and factually that is the truth and the United Nations and all the "human rights" fakes have proven to be nothing but lackeys serving the corporation but that is not the key issue here, it has come time to clean out the 5th column that has infilitrated Russia, even into the Kremlin.

11-18-2022 Security: When the "Elites" All Work for the CIA

          The CIA's operations and agents in Moscow have yet to be completely neutralized, these include individuals at all levels and all spheres of what are the self-labelled "elite" class. They continue to operate with complete impunity, occupying and using their positions to continue to advance the agenda of the CIA, the West and their foreign masters. In their impunity nothing is beyond the limits, even publicly detailing have been recruited and trained by the US State Department, being an admitted and verified agent of the CIA and openly calling for the overthrowing of the government are actions that the "elites" can get away with and escape any kind of blowback. To underline what I have been saying for years that other "asylee" who is a CIA project for the CIA bought-and-paid-for Elites in Russia is actively working right out in the open to develop obfuscated encrypted and untraceable financial instruments which will help and allow the CIA to continue to fund and sponsor their agents and networks in Russia. Where are the intelligence officers who are supposed to be stopping this? Apparently nowhere, the CIA's agents and agent controllers continue operating with complete impunity although there are those like me who are starting to question and that is a good thing.

         Meanwhile real Russian patriots like myself continue to face punitive measures be carried out against us. After the start of the Special Operation I truly believed that I would be safe. That has not proven to be the case and the "elites" continue to pull strings for the CIA in the shadows.

          Given the topic I started regarding neurolinguistic programming and the maintenance of the "elite" self-serving managerial classes in their illusory roles of supremacy over the masses it is important to underline the fallacy and misusage of the term "elite" which has now come to mean any idiot with money or any sock-puppet who is given access to the media and promoted.

          On a final note in this post I want to remind anyone else out there who supports the state, transparency, rule of law and the real established monetary systems, that electronic and crypto currencies will only assist those who do not want to pay taxes and those receiving illegal lucre. And of course the bankrupt United States of America which will be able to just add zeros whenever they run out of money. Then of course there is the Globalist digitization agenda where any country, person or entity can be simply deleted if they do not toe the line. 



            A black car, a black night, a black op and the failure of your mathematically pedantic fallible probability algorithm, your rigid self-glorified "infallible" thinking and your failure to control free will and time line sensory perception, that about sums up your failure. Then there are the other cams you do not know about. 17 seconds was the right count had I been in the single-minded hurry you expected and had I not heard your engine idling and seen the smoke from your tailpipe 2 blocks up. 17 seconds was the perfect time had I not decided to, rather than just get in and go, fiddle around with something that had been delivered during the previous days, and which in fact was of more interest than where I was headed. 17 seconds was the perfect time to get your black car up to 140 and would have been the exact moment when I backed out beyond the protection of the tree and your black car impacted with mine spreading my body all over the asphalt had I not fiddled with my thing of interest and had imminent death not sent me a signal. Now you are in a quandary. Are your coms compromised? Do your interceptions leave traces? How did I know? Now you have to use another car since this is the second time you failed with that one. If your vehicles and their locations are known how much else is known? Your size 9 reboks maybe? Your satellite phones? Your exact physical location right now? Sitting down with your ornate tea-cup sipping tea like a pompous British fag? What can I say? If on the hundredth time you don't succeed, try try again. Never believe you are the smartest one in the room, never think that your little bullshit operations are such a level as to be invisible and never forget that little unpredictable thing called free will. They think they are "secret", LULZ.       

           Oh yeah, and the funding of terrorists, in particular of the 911 bankster kind, that Mr. Super Spy was helping to facilitate for the CIA but of course that is why they do not want old guys like me in the picture. We remember things. Yeah Crypto money, the dream of the CIA and terrorists worldwide. It all comes back to 911 and 911 will never be prosecuted because it is the "elites" who ran it.    



10-30-2022 It's Time to Expose the Neurolinguistic Programming and Manipulations

          We start with the word "Terrorist". What is a "terrorist"? Until the Zionists started branding every Palestinians and Arab as a terrorist and the state sponsored NATO/Israeli terrorist attack of 911, a terrorist was an individual who used extreme violence against civilians or targets to cause massive terror among populations in order to set conditions for the advance a political or other agendas or to make legal entities or states fulfill demands. By definition USA/NATO/Israel are terrorist states as is, not to ignore others, the Ukraine. 911 was carried out for the endless War on Arabs for Israel and their coconspirators in the USA, UK and NATO countries, the Maidan massacre of Berkut officers and opposition and the ensuing 8 years of nazi junta terror by the Ukrainian fascist filth and their USA/UK masters was organizes as another act of state terror in order to bring about the fulfillment of an agenda, that being NATO expansion into the Ukraine and the installment of nuclear weapons within the three minute strike zone of Moscow.

           The definition of terrorist is not a rock throwing Palestinian or a journalist writing articles or people who refuse to obey an illegitimate fascist nazi puppet government and want to speak their own language, the definition as stated above is someone who uses violence to advance their aims, in other words the neocons/deep state/et al in Washington and their installed nazi junta in the Ukraine and the fascist groups which infect the Ukraine.

            The CIA/MI6/NATO with their core global domination racist ideology have placed global civilization on the brink of collapse and that collapse is what we are seeing today. Lunatics like the Kagans and Rothschild Soros nazis who decided to attack Russia by turning the Ukraine into a global mecca for fascist neo-nazi filth and all of those useless sock puppets in the "American Establishment" wanted to play an end game and take out the biggest country in the world, and they are getting what they wanted. Only the end game is not going to be the end of the Russian Federation, the end game already proving to be the end game of the 911 freaks and the New World Order lunatics who took over the West on 911. That is the un-sugar coated truth and if you think anything else you are a victim of brainwashing and the Neurolinguistic Programming that has been going on for decades.

             To hide what they are doing (genocide and an attempt at world takeover) the 250+- global "elites" have attempted to poison the world with the Satanic bile that they have brainwashed their own populations into swallowing hook line and sinker and thank God almighty it has backfired. Why did it backfire? When it is all over we will get into that as it is a subject I will not discuss because they might be able to re-group and try it again, but the fact is that it has failed and had Michael the CIA Color Revolution Specialist McFaul thought deeply on the headline of the article he so went off the reservation about, he may have been able to bring about what it was he had been sent to Russia to do. The Ukraine, as I stated in many of my articles in 2013 to the end of the Voice of Russia World Service and until today, was not a place that the West and NATO would succeed in, and as I have repeated over and over for years, the brain dead limited playbook western architects only repeat what they do over and over and now they are having their asses handed back to them by the Russian Federation. Thinking they could beat sheepherders in Afghanistan and "Untermensch banana republic third world governments" with their racist white Anglo-Saxon superiority model of "civilization" and then move on to Russia with the same bullshit tired playbook of soft power freaks and Hollywood bullshit and the GREAT POWERFUL NATO MILITARY, they have seen that they counted wrong and such strategic mistakes, while wonderful on this side should be a warning to the populations under these lunatics that it has long been time to overthrow the entire Western power structure and install people with brains who are not obsessed with sticking their little sex organs into anything that moves and even doesn't move and calling it a gender. That and their murderous racist apartheid governments who have jack booted anyone with a mind into complying with their insane plans and policies make the so-called West, led by the genociders in what they self labelled as America, make the entire West a despicable immoral Satanic lunatic asylum who occupants in all reality deserve to be liquidated even if they are just passively supportive and blind to the reality that their leaders are carrying out. No amount of lies can hide what they have done and what they are doing (said perhaps by the last journalist in this language who could still see).    

             Make no mistake just the very simple fact that we are still here and on-line is an ongoing victory that the USA/NATO can not bear to stand and given everything that I have published on this site you can be certain and without a doubt that no matter what the liars from the Empire of Lies are saying, their agent lists and everything else on JAR2 are a priority target. I don't have to flaunt anything or call them out or even write articles, the simple fact that this site reamins on-line is a testament to their complete and total failure. I won this war years ago byt keeping JAR2 on-line. This is the CITADEL... LULZ 


More to come I promise

10-29-2022 US/NATO Ukro Terrorism Expanding as Special Operation Continues

          Currently the nazi government in the Ukraine is planning a nuclear false flag attack. Unfortunately there are no more specialists, experts or journalists anywhere in the world who will cover this. The CIA and NATO have made sure we were all silenced, which leaves me as the only false flag expert who can expose it. Exposing the Boston Bombing and the 911 were my greatest successes but now the only person who cited my material, Alex Jones, has just been fined a billion dollars for exposing Sandy Hook. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 I wrote about Biological and Nuclear False Flags being planned by the nazis in Kiev and everything I wrote about turned out to be true.

         It is no longer a conspiracy theory but a given now that since the same Obama/Clinton/Bush/911 lunatics are in power and controlling the Ukraine that these proponents of false flag terror would strike again. Again had 911 been truly investigated we would not be here right now and I could be writing about neuro-linguistic programming and the causality effects of false narratives on the multi-verse things the dumbed down "West" should be told about, but it was not and now the task is trying to get dumbed down sheeple who have no ability in understanding conspiracies to try to understand what is going on. Or is it? Actually no. It's not. I am done with that. BUT I must state for the record once again that the Clinton/Obama/Biden CIA/NATO controlled crime families are planning a nuclear false flag in the Ukraine in their final attempt to win a war they never will.  

To be continued I hope

10-25-2022 - False Flag Terrorism: USA/NATO Specialty Coming to the Ukraine

Failed Gaslighting and the World's Last Free 911 Truther: JAR2, Truth and the Civilizational War

Dear Readers,

        Your gaslighting failed scum suckers. I have to be honest and admit to all of you that I have almost fallen for their tactics even though I lived through them before, knew what to look for and was even waiting for them to start their operations. The problem was that they were so many and so constant that I in fact started to doubt. When I saw that happening I removed myself from the equation and have taken the last several months of to recuperate and come back my senses if you will. I in fact allowed certain people into my perimeter as it became impossible to live completely alone as the island that I was but they turned out to be America loving scum.


Operational Security

          Since the beginning of the Special Operation I have been active in the real world and to be honest have not had much time or energy to write articles and the like. There is also the very important factor that my work has been and could be used to re-target make corrections or start operations here in Russia against not only the state but myself personally. Being a TI this is of course a given and part of operational parameters but exposing others on my side is not something I wish to be a party to, therefore for security reasons I stopped all of my article writing. Also of great import to such a decision was the obvious degradation of the mentality and intelligence of the Western audience "BUT" and this is a very important but, I have recently noticed that my site traffic has increased substantially as people from Russia, China and all over the world appear to be searching for the truth, and this is a good thing. So in short, although I can not say for sure for how long, I am back.

The Dumbing Down of Idiotic America and the Idiotic Racist Perverted "West"

          On the dumbing down of the so-called "West" books could be written as to the methodologies and instruments used but here it is sufficient to note that where we are today has long been planned by the psychotic Satanic elites of the "West" in their insane centuries long drive for global domination. Where is the "West" at today? Rather than using their trillions in wealth to feed and improve the lives of the peoples of the world, the insatiably power hungry "elites" have decided to commit genocide on 7 billion people and the "West's" populations are powerless to do anything after the implementation of the full surveillance police state. What kind of sick and twisted mind could accept the LGBTPQBD etc. agenda other than one that was powerless dumbed down and lacking of all normal reason. What kind of a population could accept and do nothing regarding plans such as the Great Reset, the Covid Genocide, the rebirth of Nazism in Europe and NATO expansion to facilitate Satanic global domination? I shudder to think at a world populated by such minds and that is really all I want to say about the absolute freak show that is the racist imperial psychotic "West".  

          I will repeat as I have repeated millions of times, this is a result of the 911 False Flag and the subsequent cover up and forcing humanity to just swallow it. Nobody talks today about NATO's plans after 911 and its conversion to a body that destroys countries, not comfortable, can't say that, blah blah blah. That is the reality and those are the lunatics who are destroying the world.  Those of you who have never stood up for 911 truth or against any of it deserve what you get and I have no interest in you as creatures, but for those of you who are with me and have been since the beginning, you know that 911 was the key turning point after the illegal bombing of Yugoslavia.

         We are now in a hotter phase of the civilizational war that the West and in particular the Vatican and the Corporation have launched and been waging against Russia for over a thousand years and finally Russians are waking up, as well as people all over the world, and there can never be and will never be a return to the way things were even a year ago. There will be no New World Order according to the "West's" plans and US hegemony is done. And that is a wonderful thing.  

10-15-2022 - Traffic and Social Media - Maintaining a Voice

Dear Readers,

        Due statistics on VK it has been decided to abandon the platform. Comparative traffic figures between the JAR2 social media account on VK and the JAR2 group have steadily shown the JAR2 group with over 2,000% more traffic with almost no traffic being directed from VK to JAR2. Therefore a decision has been made to end the endless postings on the VK account as they take up too much time and statistically are not worth the effort. You will notice in the next few days that our VK posts have all but disappeared. If you wish to continue to see my posts on VK please write to me on VK or to JAR2@jar2.com .

Thank you,


10-05-2022 - Security is Number One - CIA/SBU Killing Undesireables and Z

Dear Readers,

        Given that Ambramovich was able to free Mercenaries who had already been sentenced to death and several other events, it is unfortunate to have to report that actions against Russia, such as my own history, that could question what was believed to be an end to western connected oligarchial control over the Russian Government and the State, continue almost in the same manner as before the beginning of the Special Operation. This question of real Russian Sovereignty will be answered soon when the shadow masters decide my fate. Everyone is wondering about the "other asylee" who gets promoted by the media and all I can say is that he must have come over to our side, which is a wonderful thing if it is true and which will become evident soon.

        If anything happens to me you can be certain it was a planned event by the CIA and their minions and since killing invalids and marking them as "military targets" is now the unquestioned norm, along with the assassination of the former and current US nationals by the CIA, you can be certain that given the chance they will try to take me out again. It is also not far from possible that MOSSAD may try again as they have done everything to install Zionist puppets and eliminate anyone who is against their genocide of Palestinians. We can not discount my previous poisoning and the WikiLeaks related assassinations by entertaining the fantasy that they have just forgotten about me. 

        On the 25th of September the CIA/SBU assassinated Alexsey Zhuravko and good man and an invalid who was doing almost exactly what I have been doing, namely travelling and visiting monuments, being active on VK, doing interviews and taking part in patriotic Russian actions and events. The only difference was that he left Russia proper and returned home to Kherson where he was staying at a hotel. His VK account was then blocked https://vk.com/avzhuravko . If you did not follow the news he was killed by an American targetted rocket whic hit his hotel where there was no military presence whatsoever. Later the Ukrainian government said that he was a military target following the USA line that journalists and in fact anyone is a military target.

My latest public support of Z was this recent interview: В гостях у "Первого Областного" побывал русский индеец, патриот России Джон Роблес



CITIZEN ONE the Only Official Russia and UN Recognized Asylee: The Black Ops bLog - Truth, Gang Stalking, Racism, US Targeting, Indian Rights and Asylum in Russia - Hopefully Will Stop Blogging Attacks

Not Gay Nor Sympathetic to LGBTQBPD etc. Perverts of Any Kind

Law Abiding, Non-Vaccinated, Non-Tattoed, Non-Bearded, Moral, Straight Christian Male

Three Times Divorced, Father of Five,

Long Haul Tractor Trailer Trainer/Driver, English (Senior) Teacher, Journalist

Only (Native) American With Asylum in Russia 

The Real Q - Victim of US Government Crimes

for Exposing US Government Crimes

"AJI AYA BOMBE!" (Better dead than a slave) - Old Taino Indian Saying
If I did not fight against the Corporation of the USA I would be a traitor
to my people. The indigenous people of Turtle Island - John Robles II

25 Years of US Gang Stalking of Whistleblower and Asylee When I first started this Blog it was supposed to be simply a way to communicate with friends and family and anyone who was interested in life in Russia. What it turned into was a public record of attacks, stalking, threats and the destruction of my family and I. It was only recently that I myself realized that what is detailed herein is organized Gang Stalking by Intelligence Agencies who will never forget I published agent lists and exposed thousands of their agents. Other than revoking my citizenship, attempting to have me arrested twice on false charges here in Russia, paying for and organizing the arrest of my son here in Russia and making threats against me and my family, what they have done has mostly been covert and falls into the realm of plausible deniability. Yes I am an enemy of the USA and Western States and being thus I am a real Targeted Individual. Not by radio waves or esoteric technology but by Covert Black Operations ala FBI COINTELPRO. This is my Blog and this was my life. There is one more thing but you will only know about that after I am gone...- JAR2 June 22, 2020

us military guidelines against whistleblowers:

FATally marginalize the organization OR WHISTLEBLOWER



termination of employment OF ALL INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED


legal action against current or former insiders, leakers, or whistlblowers




~5+ Million Dollars FOR a failed operation paid to the greenberg's "genius" - lulz



RUSSIA 2020 - Asylum is Not a Popularity Contest
It is the Last Defense Against the CIA and the US Government
Complaint Against the CIA and USA Government


RoblesTiny Narcotics Used to Kill Journalists' Families

завели дело на росгвардейцев по обвинению в подбрасывании наркотиков

Exactly as the CIA is Dreaming About

Russian federal prison authority suggests forcible expulsion of foreigners

2/3 of Russians Call Fabricated Narcotics Charges "Normal"

Две трети россиян назвали подбрасывание наркотиков обычной практикой полиции

Дело о наркотиках, по которому обвинялся Голунов, передано в СКР

Medvedev Calls for Supporting Investigative Journalists

Медведев призвал "Единую Россию" поддержать журналистов-расследователей

ROC Calls for Revision of Narcotics Cases Against Journalists

В РПЦ заявили, что "дело Голунова" требует ревизии всех похожих случаев

Russia to counter new US sanctions, senior diplomat says

Using Narcotics to Silence Journalists is New Norm in Russia

В Москве завершился митинг против статей УК о наркотиках и возбуждении вражды

Бастрыкин взял дело о превышении полномочий к журналисту и студенту

RoblesTiny CIA Mafia Destroys Entire Family

Yes, the CIA Presence at John's Trial Was a Violation of International Law - United Nations Representative

04-22-2020 Kremlin Says John's Pardon Finally Arrived

Today JAR2 Celebrates JAR3's Birthday - Happy Birthday!!!

Please repost and spread these letters


03-27-2020 Kremlin Answers Our Letter Regarding John

Apparently His Pardon Request Has Been Delayed in the Mail

03-20-2020 JAR2, Former Lead Announcer of the Voice

of Russia World Service, Investigative Journalist, Outer of MI6 and CIA Agents, First Taino Indian With Asylum and Staunch Supporter of President Putin and His Son John Robles III, ask President Vladimir to Issue a Pardon to John Robles III. John III has been in prison for almost 5 years for a crime he did not commit after his arrest was ordered by the CIA. Was it for stopping the TPP, exposing the Boneyard and 9/11, uncovering the Boston Bombing, preventing a massacre in Crimea or stopping Bolotnaya? You decide. The CIA wants JAR2's son deported to the USA. It will be a historic victory for Langley. 228 is the Russian Criminal Code and is used to silence and destroy journalists and their families in Russia. They want us to just die or disappear and will not help us. Please spread this story. Journalists should not be killed or targetted.

09.06.2019, 08.27.2019 Message from JAR3

Message from JAR3 After Almost 5 Years Rotting in a Russian Prison

07.15 Free JAR3 - VOR Insurance Files



Massive transmission repair - Installing Alone

It is possible. 3 jacks, 4 blocks, 1 stool with legs cut at proper level.

A) Rear on brace B) Lift front C) Place on stool D) Move forward


8-17 Readers helping with transmission rebuild


08-14-20 Please help cover the costs of massive transmission repair


DDOSECRETS Openly Run by Trans-Fag Collective Overseen by ASIS
Trans Agent Michael Best to Demonize Russia (Raising Children?) 

July 27, 2020 - HACKTIVSM TAKEOVER BY LGBT Weirdos


May 18, 2020 - 

The real problem with PRIZM

PRIZM: Umbrella Program for Anti-Russia Ops

Threat: Exposure of 911 and Russian Shadow Government installed by CIA

Contigency Operations Activated By: CIA Moscow/Brennan/Obama/Clinton

Ordered the Operation: Black Operation Community and CIA Elements now referenced as the Deep State

Approved the Operation: S. Linick/M. Hayden

Carried Out and Controlled the Operation: M. Hayden/S. Linick

Filled the Required Operational Orders: CIA Moscow Black Operations, JSOC and Internal Russia Network

Contingency Operations, Sub-Parameters and Needed Infrastructure: Elimination of Targets

Full Spectrum Control of the Russian Media and Information Space

Liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service

The Making of a State Department Mafia Oligarch: Kisilev or how 480 million listeners and 2,500 Russian patriots were disposed of for the financial gain of a State Department puppet and BND/CIA mole, being protected by a Kremlin mole whose wife was recruited by the CIA.

Driving ambition, insatiable greed, corruption, brutal ruthlessness, an absolute lack of conscience, a deep hatred for one's own people and country and the ability to lie convincingly to millions are characteristics that the CIA would consider to be assets in choosing an agent and those characteristics can be found in the persona of one of the most repulsive and morally repugnant individuals I have ever had the misfortune of meeting.   

Бывший посол США в России Майкл Макфол 20 марта 2014 года сообщил, что Киселёв участвовал в программе Государственного департамента США. Корреспондент Buzzfeed Макс Седдон сообщил, что с 23 по 25 июля 2012 года Киселёв и ещё восемь журналистов из семи стран побывали на встрече, организованной подразделением государственного департамента США Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (англ.)русск. по линии «Программы международного лидерства» и посвящённой «угрозам глобальной безопасности в XXI веке»[121].



25 Years of US Gang Stalking

 of Whistleblower and Asylee



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11-16-2020 Due to National Security Letters Received by My Family and All of Our Communications Being Blocked by the CIA Scum I Just Learned of the Death of My Mother Three Years Ago!!! - Rest in Peace Mom


In Memorium
Leonid Shershev
Yury Reshetnikov
Karl Watts
Eugene Nikitenko
Natalia Feodorova
Michael Ratner


There was a hit on the computer. We have to revoke your passport. Close your fucking site. - CIA Chief of Station Moscow  Joseph Moone

You don't deserve US citizenship since you decided to become a part of Russian society. Give us your children and we might help you get your passport back. - Nancy Pelosi

They are going to throw you in the trunk of a car and take you to a Black Site in Ukraine. - Anonymous

What you do is real journalism we do not need that here. There must only be 9 voices in the world telling people what to do. I will be one of them. - Dimitry Kisilev

Vardan Kushnir - Deserved it

John Robles/JAR2 versus Edward Snowden (Greenberg)/Intercept/MSM

Paul Hawkins, who you know as Julian Assange, is a fake. We have known that since day one but the global MOCKINGBIRD media has ignored all of the evidence and continues to use him and WikiLeaks as a template for what asylum, truth and whistleblowing are about. It is ALL a FAKE.

  John Robles, JAR2 com and biz Edward Greenberg (Snowden)
Sites jar2.com jar2.biz jar2.ru jar2.org lulzsec.org edwardsnowden.com and the Intercept
ZOV Assisting in ZOV on multiple fronts ??????
Russian Citizenship Possibly Deceased Received in September 2022
WikiPedia Deleted all traces except small reference
Glorified personal pages and on-line
Real Political Asylum Since 2007 With children after passport revocation on false grounds. In 1995 John tried to expose CPS fraud and child trafficking. USA said John owed child support for the same children who had lived with him in Russia since 1996. We were told to close this "fucking site" by Moscow CIA COS Joseph Moone Never had asylum. Has 3 year residency permits.
Service to Russian State Has served the Russian Security Services for decades
and the Russian State.
Ties to Russia Has four children in Russia including 2 who are Muscovites and two ex-wives. Has not left the territory of the Russian Federation since 1996. Has worked for the Russian Government and paid taxes to Russia. None
Ties to USA All family members given FBI National Security letters to forbid communications. Can not communicate freely with anyone in the USA or the world. Was born in Puerto Rico where he can also not return. Daily phone call to his CIA controller. Is allowed to communicate with anyone in the USA and the world.
9/11 Since its creation JAR2 has attempted to expose the truth about the False Flag attack that occurred on September 11, 2001 plunging the world into a US/NATO endless war paradigm of imperial takeover and genocide for the New World Order and Israel. JAR2 has released thousands of documents, conducted interviews, posted thousands of evidentiary material and written investigative articles. Through Maurice Greenberg, ex-director of Booz Allen Hamilton and partial owner of Kroll Associates in Moscow, Snowden can effectively carry out his mission of obfuscating cash flows for the CIA and the 9/11 Cabal. Like WikiLeaks silent on 9/11 and complicit in covering up that mass-murder event. 
Israel/MOSSAD Fights for Palestinians, has exposed over 37,000 MOSSAD Agents. Connected MOSSAD to 9/11. Researched the Zionist conspiracy and the genocide based, Rothschild state of Israel. Given that criticism of Snowden has been called anti-Semitism by non-other than Barret Brown, an FBI Informant, Intercept "journalist" and attacker of JAR2 and that Pierre Omidyar is also a MOSSAD Asset Snowden (Greenberg) continues WikiLeaks path of obfuscating truth for Israel. We will not mention the arch-Zioinst Maurice Greenberg realtionship and connection to Snowden. 
Agents and Operations Exposed tens of thousands of agents and illegal operations No agent ever exposed. Exposed already known NSA Programs for the CIA.
Crimes John has never been charged with a crime during his entire life. Stole NSA files for the CIA to establish legend
Passport/Citizenship John, who was born in Puerto Rico, has never received or been offered a passport after his US passport was revoked. John filed for Russian Citizenship in 2010 and was about to obtain it when Snowden appeared. Russian residency is only given to individuals with an active passport. Therefore Snowden's passport was never revoked or the MVD is illegally providing him this status. More likely the first is true as Snowden could not have been married to his American stripper meat without a passport.
Leaks JAR2 has published more agent names and outed more illegal operations than WikiLeaks. JAR2 has published all leaks RAW and unedited without editing or political motivations.  Leaked specifics about information already known. Then sold the reported leaks to Pierre Omidyar for over $40 million dollars. Obtained NSA files to establish his legend for the CIA and the Greenbergs.
Respecting Host JAR2 has always respected and supported the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin. John is fluent in Russian. John has never criticized the Russian Government except for Western backed and installed CIA elements who carried out the arrest of his son. Critic of Putin and Russian Government
Funding JAR2 is not funded by anyone except a very small number of random donors. Huge funding by Omidyar and other US based sources.
Media Support Completely ignored or demonized no matter how big or serious the information it published. Get's $10,000.00+ per interview.
Backlash Citizenship stripped, passport revocation, arrest of son, destruction of career, raids on family, seizure of property, seizure of business, liquidation of media employer, destruction of family, finances and reputation, intimidation and surveillance of family and supporters. Visa, PayPal sanctioning. Complete block from all crowd funding platforms. Physical attacks, several attempted murders, poisonings, attempted car crashes, muggings, robberies, several attempted home invasions. Daily hacker attacks, two attempts by Michael McFaul to facilitate arrest and deportation. Killing of cat. Gang stalking including documented vehicle teams. False traffic fines and surveillance through road camera network. Murdered supporters. Son arrested twice on fabricated arrest after Snowden arrived. Attempts to drive to suicide. Isolation. None
(Supposed Passport Revocation)
Negated by marriage and residency status
Lawyers None Dozens of Lawyers, Human Rights Organziations, media outlets, fake leak sites and Legal bodies support the FAKE operation.
Sources/Associates None lost, all protected, none turned over. Sources: Maurice Greenberg, Booz Allen Hamilton, Michael Hayden, Jesselyn Raddack, Oliver Stone, Paul Hawkins, Pierre Omidyar, Kiriakou, Obama Birkenstock, Rothschild, Clintons, Browder, et al
Journalism Not considered or called a journalist. Has written thousands of investigative critical and cited articles, conducted hundreds of interviews, received awards and even written books. Worked as an editor, social media manager, newsreader, head announcer, correspondent and translator for the Voice of Russia Wrold Service in English and was even a WikiLeaks media partner before the truth was known. Has been leaking agent lists and documents since 1999 and personally run his own blog and site since 2003. Has been cited for exposing Boston, Srebrenica, the TPP and more. Demonized and black listed for exposing NATO, the CIA 5th column in Russia, the Ukraine takeover and supporting Palestine against the genocide being carried out by "Israel". Cited and fawned over by the global Jewish media and the CIA MOCKINGBIRD. Cited in Hollywood films about the CIA and everywhere where the CIA is promoted and receives public relations support.
Racism Not racist. Represented the North American tribes in a bid to have Russia recognize the Two Row Wampun Treaty. Follows the white supremacy illusion in intelligence
Russia Supports and loves Russia. Has not left Russia since 1996. Learned Russian in the early 1990s. Ex-Wife in America is half Russian. 3rd and 4th wives were Russian.
Supports President Putin, Protects and Defends Russia's Victory in WWII. Has fought and exposed the Russian 5th Column. Supports Russia's Security Service and Government under attack by the West.
Exposed Navalny and his entire Network inside Russia.
Spits on Russia and wants to go to France.
Criticizes and hates Russian Government.
Supports CIA Backed Russian 5th Column and Russia's fake CIA Novichok poisoned blogger Pres. 
Servers Personal servers located in Russia, attacked every day for 17 years. Silicon Valley USA based servers for all his "SECRETS".
Malware Zero Embedded CIA tracking info in PDFs
Real Hackers Support JAR2 Stay away from Snowden
Whistleblowers JAR2 Supports Whistleblowers. Snowden/VERAX said "Whistleblowers should be shot in the balls".
Cat Healthy and loved None
Assange/Hawkins/WikiLeaks Has tried to expose the truth presented evidence Hawkins is a Rothschilds' MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 Operation installed in Ecuadorian Embassy to carry out covert operations against US, UK and European targets. Mutual circle jerk
Social Media Banned for life from Twitter and everywhere else Never banned or blocked, promoted, blue-ticked, quoted, linked to and PRed just like a member of the "elites" and the "establishment" like he is
Politics The CIA is a Dirty Genocidal Global Criminal Syndicate that supports terrorism, destroys countries and must be destroyed.
Putin is the saviour of Mother Russia and maybe the world. 
Supported Russia, Occupy, Hacktivism, Truthers, some Greens, the poor, Palestinians, Serbs, American Indians, Russians in Donbass, Venezuela, Iran, repressed peoples worldwide and US third party candidates
Putin bad - CIA Good
Founded/Owned Founded, registered and run by John Robles II (100% transparent) Founded by CIA Officer Joseph Farrell a Doctor in Alternative History and CIA Asset Pierre Omidyar the Butcher of Donbass and the head of the Omidyar Group. 
Intelligence Operations Exposes truth no matter how ugly it is. Obfuscates truth by pretending to expose truth.
Crimea Helped stopped the invasion of Crimea by CIA paramilitary forces and NATO, saving millions of lives. Started the Russian Hackers falacy
Google and Linkage Almost non-existent 100% support and saturation
Race Indigenous Dark Skinned White Jewish Boy "Greenberg" Clan

 Snowden is a FAKE

09-25-2022 - Security is Number One - NATO Must be Liquidated

Dear Readers,

         We are in the middle of a civilizational war and the stakes in this war involve the very future of all human kind. It is a war between the most criminally insane, corrupt and lying genocidal elements in the so-called "West" and the rest of humanity which simply wants to live in peace and develop and evolve as we are supposed to do as a species.

         Our opponent offers a world of lies and slavery to their insane power hungry elites. They have no regard for civilization or civilized behavior or the rules that govern relations between nations and the very existence of humankind. A little over 200 years after they committing and successfully his the greatest genocide in human history they now want to genocide 8 billion other humans whom they have deemed to be unneeded. That entity calls itself the "United States of America and their genocidal arm the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and they must be stopped and destroyed forever to guarantee the very existence of the human race.

         As God is my witness this is the truth and you must take heed.

08-22-2022 - Security is Number One (How I Spent My Summer)

Dear Readers,

        Since summer is almost over it may be proper to do a "How I Spent My Summer" piece, which I promise I will deliver in the next few days. For the haters it promises to be a piece that will have them beating their heads against the wall and frothing at the mouth, but for the friends of JAR2 it will be great, I promise. I have been extremely busy and even now have no time, so meanwhile stay tuned and do something to support Putin and Russia.



After My Operation


After my operation. (3 Dead Asylee Indians T-Shirt)

The Operation

Life, it’s something we never asked for, and in the hell world we all live in is something we fight to keep every single day. Life, sweet life… Too short, too hard and too precious, and every single day and with every single fleeting moment we come closer and closer to the end… We fight and fight and fight to move ahead, to get the things we want and need and even simply to hold on to whatever little purchase we are able to obtain. The universe in not just, for some who are privileged the path is easier, but for those who are not every moment can turn into an endless struggle, despite the fact that at the beginning and the end we are all exactly the same, as we are in the fact that none of us every asked to be here, no one.

One of the areas, among practically everything except military force (for propaganda purposes) sports (now taken care of by the Empire of Lies by simply banning Russia from all sporting events and organizations) and ballet (an area of art where transgender freaks will never even come close to being in contention), where the West has always tried to paint Russia and the USSR as being primitive and behind has always medicine and because of my hospitalization I have decided to put this myth, along with all the rest, into the mass-grave of Russophobic stereotypes being slowly filled by Operation Z and the simple cognitive functions of those few in the West who still possess what used to be called critical thinking.

Of all of the areas that the so-called “West” and the Empire of Lies tried to gut, rape and pillage, the Russian Medical Complex was an area where they failed, that is of course putting aside and apart from the decades of tempting Russia’s finest minds to leave their motherland with promises of cardboard houses, fancy cars and the “good” life for which of course they had to sell their souls.

As they used to say in the newsrooms “It can now be reported that…” Russia’s state-run FREE medical system, at least the one under the directorate of the Moscow Region, is a clean modern well-oiled machine that performs its function almost perfectly and with little or no fanfare.

The last time I wrote about an experience with the medical establishment was not in the least in a positive light given that I was flat out refused treatment. However, and this is I think an important point, that was before Z. Something that you will be hearing more and more in the future as Z becomes a time marking pivotal event more important than even 911.

One of the most surprising things that I have noted in several interactions I have recently had with official Russia is the disappearance of what can be described as “the bribe economy” and the qualative improvement in the professionalism of staff, and this is crucially important when it comes to the area of health care and in my case life-saving medical intervention. For those who know me and have been with me from the beginning you may remember the story about my dear son who almost died due to the false diagnosis of a drunk doctor who then demanded $9,000.00 for helping to “save” him, truly one of the most shameful episodes I can recall of my experiences with regard to post-Soviet Russia during my almost three decades here.

Let me be a little bit more detailed and fill you all in on what I have been going through, if you are interested. Recently I was… NOT PUBLISHED FOR SECURITY REASONS

Russia’s state run free healthcare system in a word “works”.


Before My Operation



Message - Operation

To my family which is forbidden by the US Government from communicating with me and helping me:

Soon I will have to undergo an operation. It is expensive and I need some financial help to pay for it. The procedure is supposed to be fairly simple so I will probably be fine but there is always the chance that something goes wrong and I might die. You can install Telegram, use a VPN, TOR and rotating proxies to send me an encrypted Telegram message in a private chat or use a PGP 6.5 self-decrypting archive from there and send me a message if you read this. jar2@jar2.com Telegram +7 901 718-8391. I love you all. Thanks.

To those holding my insurance files if I die you are authorized to release the files. Same rules apply as before. Thanks.

P.S. Even though I have been trying to help everyone there is almost no one here who will help me. As usual nobody really cares. The world has moved on. Very disappointing given the number of my supposed "friends".

07-30-2022 - "Conspiracy Theories"??? and Z - Truth

Dear Readers,

 On JAR2

         I was very touched by a reader from Germany who took the time to find me on VK (Russian social media) and tell me that things are very very difficult for them there now and that even despite our lifetime bans from Twitler and "Western" trash sites like Fakebook and all the other psychological operations and mass mind control "free" CIA soCIAl media sites this person, bless their soul, continues to spread links to JAR2. I have also recently received e-mails and messages from Sweden, the USA, China, India and the Middle East almost saying the exact same thing. Proving that the thousands of hits I am getting everyday are from desperate truthers starving for the oxygen of truth. Unfortunately the truth is far worse than anything I wrote about in the past but in saying that I must say that every single thing that I have ever said and every horrendous crime I have ever uncovered HAVE ALL TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE.

What have I been doing during Z?

         For the historical record I should make it perfectly clear for those who will judge my activities during the times of the Special Operation in the Ukraine by the contents of my site, my production of articles and the number of leaks that have been published. First of all I have to repeat again that everything that I have ever written about has entered the stage of being self-evident, therefore writing investigative articles about the heinous crimes of the West is not really necessary since it has become an exercise in repetition. In that regard as a truther I suffer the same problem that we all do, once we say the truth there is nothing really to add to it unlike the fabricators and liars for the Empire of Lies who have endless new and scintillating things to say as they try to effectively change the reality of the timeline by creating falsehoods under the operational parameters of the Big Lie and Anything Goes.


Introduction for the Real Truthers

       For all of you in the West there is no good news unless President Putin decides to denazify (de-NWO et al) your country too which of course many would like and appreciate but something impossible without solid reasoning, such as NATO expansion. De NATOizing the world will be an Operation that will require the non-aligned forces to join together. If your country is a state sponsor of terror and regularly slaughtering its own citizens, like the USA, perhaps if it is God's will President Putin and the non-aligned countries may soon decide to send the 5% GDP blackmail operation and atavism that is NATO into the ether breaking it up and scattering the pieces to the wind.

       Our Internet, our freedom to communicate has been raped and taken over by the same Satanic scum that brought us to this juncture and no matter how you reached the truth if you go down the rabbit hole deep enough you will come to the same conclusion that Alexander Nevsky came to close to 800 years ago, no matter who you discovered, the Templars, the Swiss bankster cults, the City of London Corporation, then Knights of the Round Table, the 911 ASTEROIDS, the World Bank and the Rothschilds, even the Khazarian mafia , the fact of the matter is if you dig long enough and hard enough and far enough every evil pestilent road to hell, leads to Rome. And that my frineds is the true evil, the false Gods and fake Jesuses of Scripture all deformed and whitewashed to facilitate the true root of all global evil evident in the Geopolitics of the world throughout the ages, that being the quest for global domination. 

      Since the beginning of the Special Operation I have only written a few articles and made a few releases. This should be understood in the context of the all out war that we in the information space and JAR2 in particular are engaged in. This is no longer kiddie time, the big guns have come out and the consequences of truth and the information war have taken on real world fatal consequences for everyone involved thanks to the CIA, MI6 and NATO for weaponizing what should be the peaceful information space. 

       Surprisingly for some, especially those in the West who crucufied me for being Russian and against the 911 cabal, I am sure it is a surprise that I have had to fight racsist Russians for the letter Z proving the level of USA/NATO meddling into Russian Society which according to Nancy Pelosi I chose to be a part of.  

       In summary, thus to fully understand what is really going on geopolitically and with the aggressive expansion of NATO, one has to get their head around the full scale of CIA et al global image and expansion operations and study real world history back to at least the 13th century when Alexander Nevsky was fighting the exact same evil that the world is faced with today. In this regard most importantly one must understand and get their head around the fact that all of the so-called western forces which internally appear to be countering each other are in fact all working under a unified doctrine the goal of which 911 served as a catalyst. If you are capable of getting your head around all of that then perhaps you will be able to see the larger picture and for those continuing to believe in the soft power global projection of "American" exceptionalism that was Trump will finally understand that he was merely a part of "team global genocide and world takeover".

Operations ZOV - And the Removal of the Masks

       Operation Z and President Putin have done for the real world, in exposing the Empire of Lies and the West, what I have been attempting to do for most of my adult life and all my years as a journalist and a truther. For me personally Operation Z could be called the culmination of all of my work and my 27 years of exile and 15 years of asylum. We tried (JAR2 and all of the decimated truthers in the world) to expose the evil of the Empire of Lies and 911 but we failed in making the real world changes that were so badly needed. Now the solution has become a military one forced onto Russia as the savior of the human race by the global domination ambitions of the genocidal Roman Empire of Lies. Note: If you doubt my Roman claim simply ask yourself this: Why is the US (City of London Legal System) still citing the genocidal "Doctrine of Discovery" to justify their illegal occupation of Turtle Island? And if that is not enough ask yourself why is the Satanic pedophile Roman Catholic Church backing Zionist genociders, transgenders and other Satanic sexual perversion and attacking and attempting to destroy an Orthodox Christian nation which has stuck to the moral Christian values that they have themselves completely abandoned?

         The answer goes back hundreds of years and by their continued actions against Russia, be it "pagan", Romanov, Soviet or democratic, proves that no matter the geopolitical or religious flavorings they put upon the package, the core goal by the genociding "West" has always been the taking of Russian lands by any way possible. Why did the Catholic Church fully support hitler and the nazis? Because they were against Torah Jews? Or because in fact hitler was a Rothschild and Palestine was given to the Rothschilds, Lords in what was the Roman Colony of England? 

The Heresy of Rome and the Holy War for Our Souls

         On the note of the Catholic Church and the rise of a Black Pope and the Jesuits, it must be made very clear that the Roman Catholic Church and their pandering and involvement in the politics of the Satanic Rothschild led elites, has led it down a road of heresy and turned it into a factual instrument of Satan. Sound far-fetched? That is just according to their own dogma and stated purpose. For over a thousand years the Roman Catholic Church and their Popes have been attempting to establish global domination through the use of religion and once again Operation Z has shown that their geopolitical and long-term objectives are in no way Christian nor in anyway related to God. Once again the Roman Catholic Church has sanctioned attacks on Russia and the Russian Orthodox World in the same was as they attempted to launch Crusades against Orthodox Russians over 700 years ago when they equated the Orthodox flock with schismatics and pagans. There is no "redemption through sin", that is only a road to hell. 

          If you doubt the utter corruption of the Roman Catholic Church and the entire Western Roman controlled network of those preaching gospel just ask yourself one or two questions, for example: Where are those preaching against the LGBT agenda of the Satanic Zionist cabal? Where is the Western support for the Russian Orthodox Church in its fight to quietly maintain core Christian values of family, marriage and the fight against sin?

         Alexander Nevsky knew, and I truly believe Vladimir Putin fully understands, that the threat to Russia from the East is much less serious than the threat to Russia from the West, which in the words of Nevsky "wants our souls." As for the East they want to engage in trade and partnership relations on now in modern times on equal terms.   

The Utter Historic Complete and Total Failure of the Collective "West"

          Economic warfare is as old as the hills, as they say, and "sanctions against Russia" have been going on for hundreds of years. Sanctions is the thieving way the West steals another country's assets whenever they are inclined to, or how they attempt to starve out populations in order to effect regime change. It was in fact the 226 or so "Western" elites that controlled most of the world's economic instruments and movements and this is a fact that is more evident to the world's populations than it ever has been in the past. Over ten years ago when I tried to expose the Cabal and the Bilderbergs people called me a conspiracy theorist but thanks to Z even those facts have reached the stage of being self-evident. 

            Soft power and the fake "American Dream" are no longer effective as the global population has awoken to the lies of the Empire of Lies. This is in particular extremely topical in the upcoming meddling operation being carried out by useless child trafficker and Deep State US actor Nancy Pelosi (who offered me personally the return for my passport in exchange for my children) as she "tours" Asia in a desperate hegemonical soft-power influence operation in a part of the world were US Hegemony and NATO expansion were scheduled to be expanded but which has now begun to turn their back on the Empire of Lies, a definite result of Operation Z as most Asians know the truth about the Ukraine and the nazis brought to power there by the Empire of Lies and the likes of brain dead decadent corrupt and blithering elitist dinosaurs like Nancy "What was the question?" Pelosi.    

            It can now be reported with complete certainty that the Western Empire of Lies "power elites" and all of their instruments of manipulation are no more effective than the village idiot on a stump with a bullhorn. The world knows the truth now and that is a good thing. This has been a topic I have wanted to write about for a long time but since I have been busy in the real world countering the evil and supporting Operation Z I have not had the time to do so. There was also the danger of misguided retribution against me personally from now marginalized liberals ready to do anything to fight for the "American Dream" they once believed in with all of their hearts and souls. Souls, that word again, that object which the Satanic Empire of Lies wants to possess. 

           It has also come to the point where I must finally ask a few questions to the disenfranchised and lied to MAGA creeps and racists, swept up by the DIA's Q-Anon psy-op, who were so certain that a member of the "elites", "the most Zionist president in history", a president who dropped more bombs than Bush and Obama and a man once bailed out by the Rothschilds who openly showed sexual fondness for his own daughter and was a poster boy for racist white privilege and far right crypto nazi KKK storm troopers, could somehow be a champion of truth and everything that is good in the world. But then again why ask people who accept marriage between two men as being normal and ignore the genocide being committed on Orthodox Russians and Palestinians et al  anything? 

Z and the Economic Rape of Russia

            The lemming-like flight  

Z and Racism

            The root of nazism is of course racism

Z and the "Elites"

            The Corporate New World Order

Z and the Zombification of the People


Z and the "Internet of Things"


Z and Truth

            911 and the fake moon landings

Z and Genocide

            The collective West

Z and Pandemics, GMOs and Climate Change


Z and the Agendas of the New World Order

             Global domination

Z and Palestine

             Princess Diana


          If we are to judge by the contents of the Palestine Chronicle (the only "Palestinian" media outlet not globally blocked and endorsed by crypto-Zionist Noam Chomsky) then the Palestinians still do not understand the simple fact that Russia and the free world have finally understood, namely that no matter what they do and no matter who is the current "face" of the Empire of Genocide and Lies, the core unchanging agenda and goal of the "West" is their eradication and complete enslavement of whoever is left and the big "secret" is that it is all being run by the same actors who have been seeking world domination since at the 1200 AD.


Z and NATO

             The strategic superiority of Russia 


Z and the CIA/MI6 5th Column

             Liberalism is dying 

Z and JAR2

             The culmination of everything 

Z and President Putin

             What the future has in store. 

07-19-2022 - What Happened to Those Targetting JAR2? - Security Update 

Dear Readers,

Who are you going to listen to now? Who are you going to read? Who will build a real bridge now? Who has the real courage required to face annihilation for the truth? Who has the simple ability to say something true and not be taken down immediately?

The Big Game

1. The shadow governments, the deep states and the ZOG: For the Cabal, NATO, Rome and the "West" there is no difference who is the face of the conglomeration, its constituent parts or what we do either indepentently or collectively. Their goal is the same as it has been for almost a thousand years, global domination and the enslavement and control of mankind. Without ending such attempts, and in fact that very desire, once and for all the world will never be free.

2. 911 as a Catalyst.   

3. Low quality "leadership" by the Puppet Masters

More to come....

Google translator and the Russophobic historical revisionist AI... I challenge you to try to translate this sentence in Google - В вышедшем в блокадном Ленинграде в 1942 году историческом очерке С.А. Аннинского «Александр Невский» проводились прямые параллели действий немецких и шведских рыцарей в XIII столетии и германских фашистов в новой войне. - There will be no mention of the blockade against Leningrad..... Until you leave it as one. - John Robles

We must not ignore those fragments of the 5th column that have remained be they subliminally programmed or lying in sleeper mode. Those who have been misled by their own ignorance ("educators") must be made to see their errors, reprogrammed or covertly moved into useful positions, having their "beliefs and idols" co-opted in the right direction. - John Robles

JAR2 - These issues are being held until the end of the special operation or until such a time as it is clear that the 5th Column has been eliminated completely.

1. Appearances near new location.

2. Results of reports filed with the police.

3. Results of attempting to obtain basic rights.

4. Resolution and non-resolution of legal issues.

5. Attainment or non-attainment of justice.

6. Discrimination, harrassment and persecution.

7. Infrastructure, living conditions and "social" matters.

8. Attainment or non-attainment of medical assistance and other necessary normal public services.

9. Protection of refugee, journalistic and human rights.

10. Foreign meddling    

11. Continuing attacks both real world and cyber for supporting Z

12. Continued attempts to demonize and fabricate a criminal case.

14. The 5th Column

15. Secret racist dictants, policies, instruments and secret racist societies working in unison with nazism.

07-15-2022 - The Collapse of the "West" and the New Multi-Polar Free World Order 

Dear Readers,

         It has come the time to finally break silence and try to once again enlighten you with a bit of truth that you will not see anywhere else in the world. The subject of this "breaking of the silence" is known to all of you, you are watching it and living it every day, but you are being lied to and are in such a state of complete and total disinformation overload with no free voices to guide you that for you seeing the truth is almost an impossibility.

         It is time to REALLY awaken and I don't me the co-opted westernized lie of being woke. I mean really truly waking up. If you can handle it.

        Over the weekend I will try to finish the article I have been promising and as a preview will leave you with these quotes by President Vladimir Putin.


 “This is the beginning of a transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world. A world not based on selfish rules for no other reason than the pursuit of hegemony. Nor on hypocritical double standards, but on the basis of international law and the genuine sovereignty of peoples and civilizations.”

“On their will to live their historical destiny, with their values and traditions, and build cooperation on the basis of democracy, justice, and equality.”   


“And it must be understood that this process is already impossible to stop.”


«Запад, который некогда декларировал такие принципы демократии, как свобода слова, плюрализм, уважение иного мнения, сегодня вырождается в полную противоположность — в тоталитаризм».

А это значит, что в денацификации нуждается не только Украина, но и коллективный Запад… - ВВ Путин



          The world as you knew it is gone. 

          If we are to judge by the contents of the Palestine Chronicle (the only "Palestinian" media outlet not globally blocked and endorsed by crypto-Zionist Noam Chomsky) then the Palestinians still do not understand the simple fact that Russia and the free world have finally understood, namely that no matter what they do and no matter who is the current "face" of the Empire of Genocide and Lies, the core unchanging agenda and goal of the "West" is their eradication and complete enslavement of whoever is left and the big "secret" is that it is all being run by the same actors who have been seeking world domination since at the 1200 AD.

           To fully understand what is really going on geopolitically and with the aggressive expansion of NATO, one has to get their head around the full scale of CIA et al global image and expansion operations and study real world history back to at least the 13th century when Alexander Nevsky was fighting the exact sdame evil that the world is faced with today. In this regard most importantly one must understand and get their head around the fact that all of the so-called western forces which internally appear to be countering each other are in fact all working under a unified doctrine the goal of which 911 served as a catalyst. IF you are capable of getting your head around all of that then perhaps you will be able to see the larger picture and for those continuing to believe in the soft power global projection of "American" exceptionalism that is Trump will finally understand that he is merely a part of "team global genocide and world takeover".     

07-13-2022 - The Truth is Racism is Being Ignored.... and the Entire West has to be

Denazified, Starting with NATO, the Governments, the "Royals", the Catholic Church and the Zionsits

for it is Pure and Evil Racism that Lie in the Doctrine of Discovery et al and the Entire World Order 

Dear Readers,

          Thinking of something deep and of temporal significance... (These are not philosophical issues but operational parameters)

«Запад, который некогда декларировал такие принципы демократии, как свобода слова, плюрализм, уважение иного мнения, сегодня вырождается в полную противоположность — в тоталитаризм».

А это значит, что в денацификации нуждается не только Украина, но и коллективный Запад… - ВВ Путин

07-08/11-2022 Who Cares? Even at this Juncture: What's the Difference? The

Difference is Nazism and in No Way Shape or Form Can it be Supported but Without a Fight Against

Racism a Fight Against Nazism Rings Hollow and False and Racism is Actually Getting Worse. So I

Have to Say: What is the Difference?


Dear Readers,

         As world war three continues  I wait for the last "truther" (a Rothschild 911 cover up operation) to be handed over to the CIA so he can go and be close to his family in the USA or be liquidated. I wait for the knock on the door when my own liquidation will be administered, or not. And to be honest not only does no one care but I myself can not silence the voice inside that asks: "What is the difference?" They pushed us all to the point where we don't care anymore, now they want to pretend they are on our side and actually care about the truth. As they say, a little too little and a little too late.

          Take this post as you want to. I don't care. Every warrior has their limit, after that you just don't care anymore. Even the admission by the Russian Government that COVID-19 was a US Biological Attack on the world rings hollow 6 years after I warned the world about it. The 5th Column that was controlling Russia is now almost gone and that is a good thing but there are still anchors in high places who will destroy anything to stay in their positions.

           What's next? Does it matter? I don't even know anymore. But I do know one thing your Club of Rome, Trilaterals, World Trade Organization, WHO, UN, World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Izrahell, Rothschilds and Soros Operations and the atavism of NATO mean absolutely shit.

Have a nice day and STOP NATO. 


Dear Readers,

        I suppose I should be writing all kinds of things but I have been very busy in the real world where I have found I can be more effective than I ever imagined. I can tell you all that my life has changed significantly and finally for the better. The correlation between that and the West being expunged from Russia is real and in fact wonderful. A true victory for all of my decades of journalistic work exposing the evil of the West. I am very grateful to everyone fighting to bring sanity and justice back into the world. God Bless You All... 

       The Western Empire of Lies and sexual deviation is collapsing, everything I have said is coming true. Now all we need is a large supply of pop corn and a comfortable chair to watch the house of cards coming down. MEGA LULZ 

06-18-2022 On Memorial Day of Marshal of the USSR Georgy Zhukov 2022

Dear Readers,

Took part in a wonderful motor rally to the home of Marshal of the USSR Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov. The event went so well that it is now going to be a annual affair so that was another first for JAR2 here in Mother Russia. Thank you to everyone who took part and who allowed me to participate, it was a great honor to pay tribute to such a great historic figure. From his humble birth home to the wonderful interactive museum the day was truly inspirational. 

06-12-2022 Russia Day 2022

Dear Readers,

Negativity and trolls to the gutter. Not everything is as bad as you might want it to be for me or as you might think it is. However there is a need to expose trolls rats and racists when they appear.

Today I spent the day in the Church of someone I am proud to call my new friend, Father Alexey. Today was an Orthodox Holiday so the liturgy was quite long. I decided the best way to celebrate Russia day to spend the day in church, especially as it is the Church that is in reality the only place currently promoting, teaching and defending traditional values which are the bedrock of the Russian World and are being attacked in every way possible by the Satanic evil that is the so-called "West". 

It may seem odd but I went to church not to ask God for help, since he is way too busy for anyone like me right now, but to give thanks that my prayers were answered and all of the difficulties I have recently run into worked out wonderfully and eight years of prayers and work trying to expose the evil that was taking over the Russian World are finally being corrected and dealt with as they could be. I did not take pictures at the church but it was wonderful and I was invited to sit with the clergy and Father Alexey and some of the parishioners after the service which was wonderful. To me every day is Russia Day so going to Church and praying for Russia was the best thing I think I could do.


The issue with residency was resolved beautifully and I am now in a beautiful large apartment which is a thousand times better than the one I lived in for the last four years. I won't go into details but I thank God and secret friends for making that little dream possible. The new town I am in is also wonderful so far and I am honestly shocked by the wonderful people here.

As for JAR2 I have been neglecting to update as much as I should because I am actually interested in my friends on VK although my traffic on JAR2 is higher. Here are some of the pictures from the last couple days. I had the pleasure of watching Russia set an acrobatic flight record of 15 loops in a row on Saturday so that was something special, especially against the back drop if the Special Operation. I had the honor of attending the event with my old friends from 2014, the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club and here are some of the photos from that event. There is an interview about the record on my VK. I guess that's it for now. Thank you Andrey and the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club for the great day. Most of the club members were in other cities so the turnout was small but cozy and we got to go a very special event. Thanks again!


06-08-2022 The Inescapable Force of the Universe + No God, No Country: Just Satan

Update: I recall and wrote in my blog back in 2018 about a Ukrainian licensed vehicle parked in back of the building and being accosted by two idiots making nazi salutes and saying heil hitler! Funny that as hitler was a Jew and a Rothschild. A nazi cell in Pushino. Just find the guy with all the nzai tatoos. Shouldn't be that hard.

Update: Really, I am still trying to get my head around 6 years in Pushino. How it is that the only Taino Indian in Russia and the only ex US citizen with asylum in Russia and perhaps in the world could be run out of town? For what smoking cigarettes? Doubt that as I was blasted with racial epithets all of the time and I was by far not the only smoker in the building and in the town. Was it political? Well yes and racist. Why? Because the liberals are now nazis.

Dear Readers,

                     There are reasons, be they moral, religious or even simply practical in nature, that have always guided my actions and principles I have always lived by. For me first and foremost has always been never to lie and the second is never hurt or cause harm to others as such actions will always come back to haunt you. The latter is always true and whether it is because of the laws of thermodynamics, karma or the hand of God is up to philosophical debate for some, but no matter what you believe this is one rule of life that I have always found to be true. Therefore as is the case with the racists below, one Vasily Ukhov and his son Alexey, who will be world famous for their racist torment and persecution of an asylee, there is no need to even say anything or do anything in answer to their actions against me. Unfortunately for all of the individuals involved things will not go well for them until they die, but that is not my problem, that is the universe and God balancing the scales of justice, for it is the hand of God that delivers justice.     

The reason I bring this up is because the sick racist lunatic below could not be brought under control by the police after filing multiple police reports regarding the racist attacks against me, even when his attacks took on an anti-Russian character and by his own actions became those of a Banderavite against the Russian State (peeling off Z stickers and damaging my vehicle because of my support for the Special Operation). Given the actions were circumstantial and the death threats, although recorded on video, were "merely threats" there was nothing the police could do and given the absence of laws there was nothing they could do against the criminal hater. Given that Russia is a multi-national country and racist attacks were never a widespread problem in the past, there are no hate crime laws on the books, unless they are connected to another crime which in this case was no provable, so the police had their hands tied.

Given that Russia will also have to be denazified and de-westernized, it is imperative for lawmakers to formulate laws against such racist attacks because it is racism that is the bedrock of nazism and that is a disease Russia will not tolerate.

Since I have left it forever now I can finally write about the town of Pushino where I lived since I left Crimea in 2016. The town of Pushino was once a closed scientific community comprised mainly of biologically related laboratories under the Russian Academy of Sciences and up until February it had a population of over 21,000. However since the Special Operation in the former Ukraine started the population has dropped to less than 16,000 and the exodus continues. The interesting question is why and the answer is directly connected with the claws that the West had sunk into the Russian scientific community. It is no coincidence that at the beginning of the Special Operation thousands of employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN) signed a petition which we exposed and in the end helped take down, stating that Russian Science could not continue without the West. Nothing more than an admission to treason, this statement made the "open secret" of USA and Western funding of Russian Scientific work an open and real and present fact Qiwi. 

My mission in Pushino is complete and those who were selling out Russian Science have exposed themselves and will face the fate they deserve. The last attempt they made at staging a provocation against me at the Dixis was laughable, using a Gypsy pickpocket to run a two hand paw and snatch was so laughable and childish that it raised my ire. It is also funny that the Dixis surveillance cameras caught it and the little pickpocket team exposed themselves on camera. Pushino is collapsing as all the income leaves the town and almost all that is left is alcoholics and unknown gypsy pickpockets. It is quite sad actually because I actually liked the town itself, despite the fact that it never had a statue of Lenin, that the Church was hidden on a lowland and the Eternal Flame never burned...Where there is no God, no country and no history, there is only Satan and his minions working away on microbiological evil...Qiwi.

God bless the local police, the head of the local One Russia party, deputies and city council persons who helped me and at least provided moral support. I hope they are able to deal with the evil that is raising its head there. A beautiful charming place, poisoned by neo-liberal scum. I did what I could, now its your turn.

God Bless You All... and Good Bye

Next post on the fake Dennis Pushilin VK page and the attempted information intercept by 3rd grade operatives. Entire government sacked. - LULZ

05-30-2022 Physical Location Being Changed Due to Psychotic Racist Neighbor

Threats to chop me up, slander, lies to the police and racial epithets did nothing to cause a shadow of guilt to fall on my psychotic upstairs neighbor who has been torturing me and anyone who visits me for the last 4 years. I kept quiet because I did not want a conflict but after they tore the letter Zs off my vehicle and damaged my property I went public and had to identify my physical location. I filed multiple police reports regarding the endless racist harassment but believe it or not there is no law in Russia to prosecute them according to a lawyer and the police. If he physically stabs me or attacks me then they can do something. physically spitting on me and my vehicle is not enough. So we will be going off line soon in order to facilitate the move. Thanks to all who have written on VK. Now you know some of the hell I go through on a daily basis but which I am silent about. Silence doesn't help. Only a huge resonance would make them do something against my tormentors who constantly use racial epithets against me. You can find videos and contact information on these scum on my VK page https://vk.com/johnrobles2 I will not publish anything personally revealing or personal information about them on my sites other than his name is Vasily Ukhov because there are Russian laws about publishing personal information and I will not bite onto that provocation against JAR2. Things are being worked out at other levels and our new location promises to be much much better. 

05-29-2022 My Support for Operation Z

List to come.

Mass media appearances

Политический беженец из США Джон Роблес привез в Курск лекарства для Донбасса


Last Interview

Для меня честь называться русским индейцем



Nuremburg 2 and the Second Victory Over "Western"/Zionist Sponsored Nazis


It is an Honor for Me to be a Russian Indian




Days Two Three and Four the CIA Nazis the Coming Tribunals


Day One Nuland's Nazis the Coming Tribunals


 Request for Photographs of CIA/MI6 Mercenaries in the Ukraine


JAR2 News


VK com Social Media Activism


Medical Aid Mission


Joined Officers of Russia


May 9th Victory Day Activism


Helped Open Moto Season


Closed several anti Russian Sites


Published Biden E-Mails


Continue Operating in Real World


05-28-2022 (Security) Covid Kill Fail LULZ))) - Dirty Tricks of the CIA Scum Suckers 

Given I was saved from Covid-19 by smoking, it would be safe to assume anyone pushing for me to stop smoking wants to kill me, but of course that is too cryptic for anyone to handle. Beyond any simple person's pay grade...

2014 repeating all over again, the same dirty tactics, the same dirty scum, the same dirty attacks to get JAR2 off-line. 

05-23-2022 Understanding the New Paradigm and Psy-Ops 

An internet/information warfare psychological operation force multiplier may be significant even if the initial multiplying factor is only one individual depending on whom that individual may be. In internet/information operations, and this is directly related to what can be the useless bar that is used to measure the success of an operation, namely sheer number of audience reach, my contention is that number and reach are unimportant and in fact completely irrelevant when it is in fact only a minute number of individuals who can in fact affect change on policy, which in the end is the desired result of all operations in this sphere. Using this thesis as a foundation for the establishment of an operation is, in my opinion and taken from decades of experience, a many-fold more effective strategy that simply reaching huge numbers of individuals, a model which no longer works.

In the new reality of fake news and mass-censorship, without an unblockable channel for the delivery of information, attempting to present information to mass-numbers of people without control of mass media resources, is an impossibility. Here it is important to carry out a plan with the understanding that the audience of today is much different, and on the whole in fact indifferent, to whatever messages are attempting to be delivered by the information operation proponent. Unless a niche is found through the introduction of real and true information that has a direct informational connecting component with the target, and in fact the delivery of which is the true job of any journalist worth their salt. Therefore it is of tantamount importance for any individual or body wishing to launch an information operation, be they a politician, corporation, state body, or any other entity seeking to affect change or obtain a pre-determined result to fully and deeply understand not just the mass audience but the specific targetted individuals within that audience who will be effective (in various ways) in assisting in the attainment of the goal in question.   

It is in connecting with the audience and understanding the psychology of the people and in fact finding the above-mentioned "direct informational connecting component" where the USA/NATO/CIA/MI6 information warfare operators have lost their war against the world at large. Having stated what should be the obvious, I am again reminded of the fact that my information may be used by the enemy, therefore I will be as brief as possible, if in fact that is even necessary as the USA/NATO atavism is an unchanging monolith that is not capable of flexible adaptation, something necessary in today's modern information battlefield. Yes flexibility is key, but not in the way that the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist-Colonial-Racist "thinkers" believe it to be, namely creating lies and narratives to fit pre-determined and self-promoted policy outcomes, a tactic they think is winning but one which in fact is a long-term suicidal strategy. In that regards keep doing what you are doing because: a) you know nothing else and more importantly b) you lack the core component to actually win an information war.   

What is that component? I will tell you when I come back to this post.)))

Part of an article which can be found here:


05-22-2022 Update - Still Waiting - Racism is First Step to Fascism 

Attempts to silence JAR2 are going on in the real world. I will not publish facts openly but you can read about it on my closed VK profile.


05-20-2022 Update - 05-18-2022 - Still Waiting - Racism is First Step to Fascism 

Will they objectively support my efforts and go after those attacking me? So far SILENCE!

Update: Silent collaboration with the racist fascists is more insidious than open support but should also be punished under the laws of war. Anyone who does not support the armed forces of their own country during a time of armed conflict, unless they are a conscientious objector and are against all wars and state military activities are traitors to their own country. Therefore, and here it is vital to note that this is legally and factually a solid foundation on which a legal framework can be built, anyone who has been silent regarding the genocide of Russians in the Donbass for the last eight years, is in fact a traitor to the Russian Federation and the Russian World if they oppose in any way shape or form, the Special Operation taking place in the former Ukraine. This includes silent collaboration and anti-government and anti-military activities such as attacking supporters of Operation Z, defacing vehicles or properties of those showing support of Operation Z and making public statements or public showings against Operation Z or those who support it. Given that we are in a time of war, these crimes against the state must be punished as treason and those guilty held responsible regardless of how many there are. More insidious and easier to prosecute would be anyone who has in the past made statements against the nazi junta in the Ukraine, or has admitted the nazi nature of the genocide of Russians in the Donbass and who now voice opposition to the Denazification of the Ukraine and the Russian Federation.    

Обновление: молчаливое сотрудничество с расистскими фашистами более коварно, чем открытая поддержка, но оно также должно быть наказано по законам войны. Любой, кто не поддерживает вооруженные силы своей страны во время вооруженного конфликта, если только он не отказывается от все военной действии по соображениям совести и не выступает против всех войн и государственной военной деятельности, является предателем своей страны. Поэтому, и здесь важно отметить, что это юридически и фактически прочный фундамент, на котором может быть построена правовая база, тот, кто последние восемь лет умалчивает о геноциде русских на Донбассе, на самом деле предатели Российской Федерации и Русского Мира, если они каким-либо образом выступают против Спецоперации, проводимой в настоящее время на территории бывшей Украины. Это включает молчаливое сотрудничество и антиправительственные и антивоенные действия, такие как нападения на сторонников операции Z, порчу транспортных средств или имущества тех, кто поддерживает операцию Z, а также публичные заявления или публичные выступления против операции Z или тех, кто ее поддерживает. Учитывая, что мы живем во время войны, эти преступления против государства должны быть наказаны как государственная измена, а виновные привлечены к ответственности, независимо от того, сколько их или «уровень» их измены. Коварнее и легче привлечь к ответственности любого, кто в прошлом выступал против нацистской хунты на Украине или признавал нацистский характер геноцида русских на Донбассе, а сейчас выступает против денаификации Украины и Российская Федерация.
05-11-2022 - thahoketoteh please contact me - Call up the forces


kahentinetha please contact me

iroquis confederacy please contact me
alternate media publishers please contact me

any resistance fighters please contact me

ex hackers, lulzsec, anons, fancy bears, crackas, intersec, jujusec, jar2jars, jimbosec, realzsec, tortosec, nationalsubfront, et al .- the sleepers must awaken - contact each other then me through 1

We are being threatened with eviction please help

05-10-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

Racism is the Primary Step Towards Fascism (Nationalist State Racism) and then Nazism (Lethal Nationalist State Racism) - It is important the at the local level that people are aware of such policies

For the friends of JAR2 and the locals who follow my blog.

So for me the big mystery as to who was pouring sugar in my tank, turning the power off to my apartment every time I left and generally making life hell has been solved. Now it is up to the police to do their job. Of course we hope that they do so, the person is already guilty of disgracing the Russian flag, discrediting the Armed Forces of Russia, threatening a protected individual, threatening murder repeatedly by means of "chopping up", damaging private property, vandalism, hooliganism, making false statements to police, making racist statements while threatening with murder, making racist statements while publicly attacking the integrity of an individual, committing public acts inciting hatred on a racist foundation (publicly spitting on my car was screaming racial epithets), interfering with operation of a public Internet resource, attempting to intimidate and interfere with a journalist performing their journalistic duties, intereference in state backed public propaganda and information operations.... and on and on and on... The only question now is do the police have the tool and the will to do anything? 

Can I now have some peace to continue writing my articles and investigations and researching temporal displacement theory and time line manipulations? 

05-90-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

For the friends of JAR2 and the locals who follow my blog.


Небольшая часть моей журналистской работа
www.jar2.com/Putin/In Russian 75th Anniversary of the Great_Victory_Shared_Responsibility_to_History_and_our_Future_President_of_Russia.pdf

05-07-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

It is Clear, and Evidence has Already Been Gathered, That "THEY" Want to Finish What They Failed At


I am not published, I am not reporting on anything right now, I am not doing analysis on current events for the public nor am I doing geo-political reporting right now and all my investigative journalism has already been proven or is in the process being proven as time passes, as a publisher and website owner I am still actively bringing you real news. Is that journalism? If it is then I am still a journalist. Unlike the skin-head attention freak below and his gay jewish Russian traitor partner I am not running around trying to insert myself into a Special Operation. For 8 years I reported on the UK/USa Nazis in Ukraine, and now it is time for them to be eliminated. So let the professionals do their jobs, that includes the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry in handling humanitarian aid and medical aid. At the beginning there were logistical problems and dire shortages of medical supplies,  which is why I helped. Now there is no supply issue so I stepped back from that and I do not need glorification and did not seek television coverage or articles. However that does go to show the complete lack of individuals ready to do something to help the state in a time of war. I am truly disgusted by what I witnessed in the armchair patriot bandit who I initially thought was my partner and who turned out to be nothing but a lying con man and scum.

"Journalism should be a profession of integrity, and honesty, not over-dramatizing everything to make yourself seem more important, lazy glory-hunting, and constant grifting."

No this is what journalsim is:

International – Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists (1971)

Munich Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists, adopted by six syndicates of journalists of the six countires of the European community in Munich, 23-24 November 1971.

The right to information, to free speech and to criticism is one of the most fundamental freedoms of every human being. The whole complex of duties and rights of journalists derives from this right of the public to know facts and opinions. The responsibility of journalists vis-a-vis the public has precedence over any other responsibility, in particular towards their employers and the public power. The mission to inform necessarily includes the limits journalists spontaneously impose on themselves. This is the subject of the present declaration of duties. Yet these duties can be effectively respected in the exercise of the journalist profession only if the concrete conditions of professional independence and dignity are implemented. This is the subject of the declaration of rights quoted here.

Declaration of duties
The essential duties of the journalist in gathering, reporting on and commenting on events consist in:

1) Respecting the truth no matter what consequences it may bring about to him, and this is because the right of the public is to know the truth.

2) Defending the freedom of information, of commentaries and of criticism.

3) Publishing only such pieces of information the origin of which is known or – in the opposite case – accompanying them with due reservations; not suppressing essential information and not altering texts and documents.

4) Not making use of disloyal methods to get information, photographs and documents.

5) Feeling obliged to respect the private life of people.

6) Correcting any published information which has proved to be inaccurate.

7) Observing the professional secrecy and not divulging the source of information obtained confidentially.

8) Abstaining from plagiarism, slander, defamation and unfounded accusations as well as from receiving any advantage owing to the publication or suppression of information.

9) Never confusing the profession of journalist with that of advertiser or propagandist and not accepting any consideration, direct or not, from advertisers.

10) Refusing any pressure and accepting editorial directives only from the leading persons in charge in the editorial office. Every journalist worthy of this name feels honoured to observe the above-mentioned principles; while recognising the law in force in each country, he does accept only the jurisdiction of his colleagues in professional matters, free from governmental or other interventions.

05-03-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

and it's MI-6 and it is ALL RACIST

Why MI-6? Because of this. 24 years later and they still can't get me, but they keep trying:


It all started with Graham Phillips and Mark Stolyar is also back - Dear MI6 Bandit Scum. Your fraud and all of your lies have been carefully recorded, including how you describe blackmailing people for money and your statements about an "order" from the CIA to take me out. How is it you would know about that? Interesting, and all those murders you were telling me about, I am sure there are people who would like to speak to you in detail. You have until midnight to return the money you promised to pay back in two days. Otherwise other people will decide your fate. Karma is coming for you. Oh and you are welcome to go to the address I gave you as my residence, people are waiting there for you.

Tomorrow then I will be updating this page: http://jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html And add you to it since you were so interested in it.

And a message for skin head Graham Phillips, no you are completely wrong, not everyone trusts you 100%. As soon as I hear how you escaped the Ukrainian SBU without a scratch on your bald head then maybe I will believe you are not working for MI6 and the 5th Column that they have run in Russia for decades now. My concern is what your next provocation against the Russian State will be. You are free to contact me if I am wrong, you follow my page on VK and I am sure you and your dirty filthy enemies of Russia read this too.

Public Statement: For over two weeks I have no longer had any connection to Andrey Ilin nor the organization nor people he represents or is connected to. I am no longer involved in the collection of funds or medications for his organization or any other until further notice. I will continue to work with Officers of Russia as soon as documentation that I asked for and which is in the worlks is provided.

It is very sad that fraudsters and con-men see humaitarian assistance as a way to make easy and quick money which is not the case. It is because of scum like this that it is almost impossible to provide real help, therefore I am exiting and closing the humanitarian medical assistance mission for the time being until the above mentioned individual returns the 8,000 rubles I loaned him after his sad story about his car and his promise to pay me back in a couple of days.  

04-30-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

Уважаемые читатели,
Рад сообщить, что наконец-то я доставил все собранные медикаменты в Курск (500 км от дома) и они будут отправлены дальше в зону Спецоперации, где они нужны. Еще раз спасибо всем, кто пожертвовал. Я не смог бы сделать это без вас.
Люблю вас всех,
Джон Роблес

Dear Readers,

         I am happy to report that I finally delivered all of the medications that I gathered to Kursk (500 km from home) and they will be sent onward into the zone of the Special Operation where they are needed. Thank you once again all of you who donated. I could not have done it without you.

Love you all,

John Robles

04-28-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

Dear Readers,

        I can not tell you all how wonderful things are here in Russia. It is amazing how since the beginning of Operation Z the enormous weight of pure evil has all but left the country. Yes there are haters and hangers on who still covet the fake and Satanic dreams that the corporations and the West brainwashed the Russian people with, but their "leaders" and focal points have left the country along with their paymasters and the corporations they were all using as fronts and hiding places. But the fight is far from over and the external and internal enemies of Russia are re-grouping and attempting to put on new masks to hide their treasonous murderous genocidal evil. Twitler, Fakebook and all the rest are gone so they are now infecting VK and continuing to manipulate information through Google and Yandex and the few media outlets they now have, or the new ones they are trying to obtain. I beg you all to be diligent and cut off the heads of the Hydra wherever it pops up. I must say thank you too all of the officers and agents who are working around the clock to rid Russia of evil and to all of the brave soldiers who are wiping the scourge of nazism from the earth once again. God bless all of you, God bless President Putin and God bless Mother Russia and thank you all.


John Robles   

04-24-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

Христос Воскресе!

04-23-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

04-23-2022 - Why do they support genocide?
It is hard dealing with ignorance and the zombified fools that walk around freely spewing hate. Right now there are people dying fighting evil and defending their lands against nazi filth, but there are also those who unbelievably are against them. One of these rats walked up to me today when he saw the Zs on my vehicle and after having told him I was collecting medical supplies for those injured in the Zone of the Special Operation so that medical assistance could be provided, this walking piece of scum told me I supported Russians killing in the Ukraine. I asked him where he had been for the last eight years as Russians were being slaughtered in the Donbass to which he told me he hoped I died over there. It was unfortunate that I did not have time to take his picture or film him as it happened so unexpectedly and he ran away like a rat after saying he hoped I died, yeah like a big rat, with his big stupid looking round headphones, but I will remember his face and when it comes time to denazify Mother Russia I am sure he will meet the fate he deserves. I don't even have to worry about it. Karma will take care of all of these zombified nazi loving filth whose just fate can only lie in their liquidation.

04-19-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

Для меня честь называться русским индейцем

Для меня честь называться русским индейцем

Джон Роблес привез в Курск лекарства для Донбасса

Джон Роблес привез в Курск лекарства для Донбасса

FVEYandex EVIL: Yandex refuses to post any advertisement supporting medical assistance and the saving of lives in the Donbass and the Ukraine. The obvious conclusion is: they want everyone to die.

If you want to help donate today.


Yandex Refuses to Accept ANY Advertisement to Help the Vicitms in the Donbass

04-10-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off - BOOM

04-07-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations - The Masks Are Off

Will be writing on my humanitarian work during the day and other reflections.

Russia is denazifying a country which had been committing genocide on Russians for eight years. You in the West calling it an invasion need to SHUT UP.

04-07-2022 - Yesterday, After a Long Illness, Vladimir Zhirinovsky Passed Away - RIP

Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky was an inspiration to millions of good honest hardworking patriotic Russians. He was a brave voice for truth who never feared saying the things that no one else would say and since the 1980s, while other politicians were pandering to globalists and the would be USA hegemon he always jealously defended the interests of Russia, the Russian people and the Russian State. Recently he received an award from president Putin for his service to the Russian people and the Russian State.  

Like all leaders in the world who work for the interests of their people and countries he was demonized in the West as a Nationalist and was sanctioned long before the USA hegemon started sanctioning Russians on a daily basis. In the 1990s he was banned from travelling to Europe and unlike the 5th column politicians and Russian elites he had no foreign ties or places to run and hide when the heat was on. He courageously stood his ground and always called a spade a spade even when it was unpopular to do so, challenging and calling out many of the Russian, so-called "elites", for their duplicity and pandering to foreign interests and masters. 

As a real true anti-globalist patriot and fighter for the truth and for Russia, like President Putin he was an inspiration to me and millions of others and for me personally was always an indicator as to where the country was headed and what the real issues were that needed attention. With the CIA's assassination of foreign leaders and the fact that he was targetted openly by the "West" he was also an indicator of the real level of security against the USA inside Russia which has always been important to me.

After a long illnesses fighting the Coronavirus he passed away quietly in the hospital surrounded by those he loved.

God bless you Vladimir Zhirinovsky. You will be missed.

Machine Translation

Владимир Вольфович Жириновский был источником вдохновения для миллионов добрых, честных, трудолюбивых, патриотичных россиян. Он был смелым голосом за правду, никогда не боялся говорить то, что никто другой не сказал бы, и с 1980-х годов, когда другие политики потворствовали глобалистам и будущему гегемону США, он всегда ревностно защищал интересы России, русского народа и Российское государство. Недавно он получил награду от президента Путина за заслуги перед российским народом и Российским государством.

Как и все мировые лидеры, работающие на интересы своего народа и страны, он демонизировался на Западе как националист и подвергался санкциям задолго до того, как гегемон США начал ежедневно наказывать русских. В 1990-х ему запретили ездить в Европу, и, в отличие от политиков 5-й колонны и российской элиты, у него не было зарубежных связей или мест, где можно было бы бежать и прятаться в жару. Он мужественно стоял на своем и всегда называл вещи своими именами, даже когда это было непопулярно, бросая вызов и обличая многих русских, так называемых «элит», за их двуличие и потворство иностранным интересам и хозяевам.

Как настоящий истинный патриот-антиглобалист и борец за правду и за Россию, как и президент Путин, он вдохновлял меня и миллионы других и лично для меня всегда был индикатором того, куда движется страна и каковы настоящие проблемы. были, которые требовали внимания. С убийством ЦРУ иностранных лидеров и тем фактом, что он стал открытой мишенью «Запада», он также был индикатором реального уровня безопасности от США внутри России, что всегда было важно для меня.

После продолжительной болезни в борьбе с коронавирусом он тихо скончался в больнице в окружении близких.

Храни Вас Господь Владимир Жириновский. По тебе будут скучать.

04-05-2022 - "Hey!"

Скоро за тобой придут санитарии. An attempt was made to physically threaten me at my physical location. However I am ready. Since they read this blog I occassionally send them messages here. These are traitors to Russia and racists who exist almost everywhere inside the Russian Federation and do things like pouring paint on Russian war memorials and desecrating the Russian flag.

03-10-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations

Как это возможно, что я поддерживаю операцию Z! Idiots, you are destroying your own friends.

03-06-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations

Как это возможно, что я поддерживаю операцию Z, ставлю на свой балкон российский флаг, а мой сосед делает это?

How is it possible I support Operation Z, put a Russian flag on my balcony and my neighbor does this?


02-22-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations

NovoRossiya, North Stream 2: Proving That All Wars Are Rothschild/Rockefeller Banker's Wars 

How is it possible that in this day and age when we are so advanced technologically and have enough wealth and knowledge to create heaven on Earth for ever human being a sick twisted London Banker and his cronies are still able to control governments, launch wars, and use NATO to steal resources and make "markets safe"???

Strategically Ukraine made a serious mistake two days ago which exposed the true nature of their little CIA installed puppet government, but the world is too dumbed down and too distracted by the millions of lies being fed to them to have even noticed it. The CIA slash SBU sent Ukrainian, Polish and other sabotage teams to the Donbass during the first wave of their attack which besides illegal heavy artillery fire also included leaflet drops, the failed assassination of the Donetsk militia commander, fake SMS messages pretending to be from the FSB and numerous failed attempts to sabotage civilian infrastructure and activate sleeper cells. Honestly if militarily this was the best that the CIA/SBU could do, nobody really has anything to worry about as long as our guards stay up. Now the all-exposing event I am referring to is the sabotage of a Donetsk gas facility and pipelines. The SBU's best were able to temporarily damage the pipeline into Donetsk but here is the beautiful thing: they did not damage closely connected infrastructure that delivers Russian gas to Kiev and onward to Europe. If they really wanted to damage the system they could have blown the entire pipeline to smithereens (or maybe I am over-estimating their abilities) and this would have been a serious problem for the DPR and LPR, but the nazis in Kiev are obviously more interested in keeping themselves warm that actually winning anything, which of course for us is a good thing, but more importantly gas is the chief income of the nazi oligarchs and the Globalist Banksters in the Ukraine. 

To be continued...  

02-19-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations

You Have a Pedophile President With a Crackhead Son and You Are Lied to About EVERYTHING

How is it possible to get through to any of you? As you may have guessed I gave up on that folly long ago. You only pretend to want the truth when some white boy in the media and all his little PR people are delivering it to you in small quantities while avoiding the real truth. You never resolved 911 and you turned your back on truth so now you will die for lies and those feeding them to you.

02-11-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations

Catharsis - Buried in the Desert

This is the story of a murder and the torture that followed for years as the murderer attempted to first erase all memories of the event from those who were witness to it and then destroyed those of us who knew. As a result of severe emotional distress the witness to the following murder and the victim of years and years of child abuse that took forms barely imaginable the following events were freed from the vault they had been locked in his mind and are recounted here from the memories of the witness. The murderer, torturer and conductor of human experimentation on "his own" children is still alive and enjoying a retirement somewhere in Florida and Fremont California but the witness' mother and step mother have passed away and what is revealed in the following story was suppressed in order to save them from the horror they would have experienced had they known who the man they loved really was.

The witness himself is getting on in years and his father is still alive at 82, but the truth has to be told and the monster has to face what he has done.

That witness my dear reader, is me. 

Total Recall

Due to a childhood trauma I suppose (I fell backwards in a baby chair after discovering my legs could push off the edge of the table and cause me to rock back and forth and then pushed too hard and fell backwards and cracked my head on the tiled cement floor when I was about 6 months old) I have always had complete recall of all of the moments of my life. Now even those memories that I suppressed and which I believe in fact split me into what I will call "modes" are horrendously accessible to me. I can not call the condition split personalities because I always know who I am and recall everything all the time. These "modes" are evident to those who know me well (and that is almost no one) and are evidenced only as emotional states. However each mode is a completely different individual in the cognitive and programmatical sense of the word. 

When I was 25 I told my mother in complete and total detail about what happened when I was 6 months old. At first she did not believe me but when I started describing the baby food I had been eating, the blue tiles on the kitchen floor, the green paint on the walls of the emergency room entrance and how I recalled that there was blood everywhere (my blood) and how she was in hysterics which caused me to stop crying, she burst out in tears and was beside herself for weeks. Had I told her half of what my father (if in fact he was my father) had done to me when I was growing up it would have simply killed her. She was a kind and simple God fearing woman who never remarried and always loved my father, "Dr. Mengele", even until she died.

What you are about to read has never been told to a soul. Not my wives nor my children and not even my controllers know anything about any of this. Will they be shocked and will their opinions of me change? To be honest I do not give a flying rat's ass, I have lived with this poisonous shit all my life and it is time to get rid of it and hopefully the monster responsible will pay before he dies. I did not ask to be brought into this primitive hell world and have no desire to leave it quietly in shamed defeat.

1971 - Grand Junction, Colorado - My Father Dr. Mengele the FBI/CIA Serial Killer

They called it Grand Mesa, my tormentor and his German ex-Catholic nun wife, did. Whether that was the real name I do not know. What I do remember is that there was a tall rock formation that towered into the sky and at the top had another rock outcropping formation that made it look like a chicken. Not exactly there but nearby, near what was a curve in a dry riverbed where buffalo and owls lived, was where my father and his Frau buried a man named Gilbert.

Morally speaking, there is, in America, the belief that if someone does something so bad that they give up the right to live it is okay to kill them. In fact, to them, it is the right thing to do. That is all fine and dandy but you don't take your kids along with you to ride in the back of the pick up on top of the victim's corpse and then return with them to the scene of the burial to be reminded for life of the stink of rotting human flesh. Yes father dear, even 50 years later I still remember all of it as if it was yesterday, even though I was only a stupid child of 5. 

My old man was a real prize. By the time I was 11 we had moved to 14 different states or countries. As soon as I made a friend or people got to know me, I was uprooted and taken somewhere else. Always the genius child, the prodigy who was skipped so many grades that I was at university at 15, even though I never even studied anything. I read something once and it stuck, that was it. By 6 I was already reading my old man's medical books in secret in the basement, where for some reason he kept them. But I am getting off the topic aren't I?

We had just moved from Chicago to Grand Junction Colorado and were living in a stinking basement of a house next to a kindergarten in a set of rooms which did not even have their own bathroom. There were other people living in the house as well, including this Mexican named Gilbert (last name never know). We had to share the bathroom with the other neighbors and this is how it all happened I guess.

The actual events I am not sure about, I was only five and would have been asleep, but in short according to their stories this Gilbert apparently raped my step-mother (great thing to tell a five year old) and for this, as I put together much much later is why my father killed him, or at least buried him in the dessert. The story they fed me at the time was that 1) They put some clay on the toilet handle that this gilbert would touch and then they would make a clay effigy of this Gilbert, which they did, complete with his beer belly which they showed me and laughed. We would all then go out into the dessert and bury this effigy so that he would suffer in the real world, great thing to teach a five year old, black magic crap. This from an ex Lutheran Priest and ex Catholic nun. Wonderful parents!

A time went by, when one evening there was a sort of panic in the house and my father ran out of the house for some reason. I remember hearing noises from what must have been the alley behind the house or the neighboring driveway. 

The next day or after two days, I don't remember, my father informed us that we would be going camping for a few days and that he had built a platform in the back of his pick up which had a camper shell and where me and my little sister used to ride. He explained that all of the camping stuff was under the board of the platform and that everything was tiightly packed and we were not supposed to try to look under the boards. We loaded up and left and I remember along the way I tried to see what was under the boards and feeling what felt like someone's chest under a windbreaker, I was then yelled at and withdrew my hand.

When we arrived at "Grand Mesa" my wonderful "parents" took us far into the dessert and then told me and my little sister to play near a hill in dry riverbed and wait for them to come back as they had something important to do. I do not remember how long we were there waiting but it was getting dark when they returned. I already knew they left us all the time to go and fuck or whatever it is they did in the dessert. Taking drugs or whatever.

I would have forgotten about all of this if it were not for the mistake they made in taking us back to the same place weeks or months later (I don't remember) and the stink of rotting human flesh that I only smelled once more in my life in a morgue. The sweet nauseating stink of rotting human flesh is unlike any other smell in the world. Even rotting buffalos and other animals smell different.

This time when we hiked past the bend in the dry river bed where the big tree and the owl was, the stink was so strong that I cried and we were told to run. Again we hike far into the dessert and were left there. Me and my three year old sister. Great parents those. I took care of my little sister and tried to calm her down but the damage was done.    

Next: Torture, sexual abuse, paralysis, destroying credibility and psychotropic drugs administered and applied by "Father" Dr. Juan Antonio Robles. 

So the story ends, or begins depending on which end of the equation you are on, with the Doctor using his two sons over a lifelong experiment to determine the effects of genetics versus environment on which he writes a Doctoral thesis.

On the son he took he experiments with psychotropic substances at one point causes the boy to hallucinate and see gorillas running in the streets from which he tries to flee. He is then labelled as having a psychotic break and given to the state which continues experimentation at a place called Sunrise House. All were killed.

Later the lad grows up and is paired with a breeder whose children, all 7, all had fathers from different ethnic groups and were destroyed or killed. The children were then given to Stormont Labs in Woodland California in order to further the development of ethnically targetting biological weapons. All were killed except one who got away. Later the children themselves were convinced to return to Woodland and Stormont labs.    

That is enough for you for now.

That is my final truth, I don't care anymore. FUCK YOU ALL. Sometimes experiments go wrong.

01-15/17-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations

On the CIA/HASBARA MOCKINGBIRD and the Dream of a Land Founded on the Blood of Genocide

Cognitive Dissonance and Cognitive Functioning is not really something that can be truly studied and understood, nor can one's own Cognitive Functioning be improved modified or optimized in any way (including for active interaction with reality) when one's self is programmed with Cognitive fallacies that are fabrications of reality to legitimize the supremacy of what are an inferior group genetically programmed for an environment where one set of parameters is necessary for survival while being Cognitively programmed to believe and strive for an environment which they will never attain - rather than for harmony and maximum development in the real environment where they exist. This is a formula for breaking minds and put forward by "thinkers" like Rand and Hagel - for it is the broken mind that is easy to manipulate and transfer onto any lie that is desired. So you need to stop dreaming of a cardboard house in America, three passports in countries you will never be needed in and fallacies about your own superiority in areas where you are inferior and the nonsensical self-serving lies of the "elite" that are being fed to you 24/7 . Otherwise you will never develop nor effectively control or change the reality that is right under your nose. Rand's own phony altruistic motives negate all of her own attempts at putting forth what in the end is an irrational morality, the morality of genociding racial supremacists. For example Elon Musk is nothing but a spoiled rich boy propped up by his daddy's money and never really producing anything himself all the way to: it is in fact NATO invading Eastern Europe and engaged in an aggressive unprovoked military campaign and expansion against Russia..   

Abstract - The American novelist Ayn Rand (1905-1982), who has strongly influenced right-wing politics in the Western Anglophone world, was a product of late imperial Russia, where she grew up. In this article, I use Rand's first major novel, The Fountainhead (1943), to illustrate her unacknowledged debt to certain nineteenth-century Russian writers and thinkers. It is in their works that we find the seeds of Rand's controversial thoughts on religion and atheism, determinism and free will, egoism and altruism. They shaped her critique of socialism, her celebration of self-interest, and her division of mankind into a self-willed elite and a compliant herd. 


01-15/17-2022 - Truth is a Singularity - It Has No Variations

CIA Winning Secret War in Russia to Get Robles? What Other Conclusion Can We Reach?

Is that the headline you want to read? What do you want? The millions the CIA is offering for my head? Is that it? Or you want me to publish the letter you were sent and to which you responded with nothing? You want me to make a big Internet noise of how brutal and illegal your actions are? For the CIA right?


Letter sounds good after my unpublished letter to the President of the Russian Federation. We thought something good was going to happen. You won't believe what happened next. Will publish soon... Currently in contact with various bodies.

06-27-2021 It Has Come Time to Stop Making Things Palatable and Start Hitting Hard

The US Government and the Cabal that runs it wants me dead and they will not stop until it is thus and your silence is making it all possible.

I used to believe in the goodness of people and the justice of the law but these things are not applicable to those like me (if there are those like me) and since 911 no justice or law exists that can not be broken by those with lucre and power.

Just to put it into perspective it has been 2,100 days since the calculations were posted below. Therefore it has been:

2,179 days since my son was arrested on fabricated charges.

254 days since my son was deported.

2,389 days since I was allowed to see my Russian daughter Varvara.

9,013 days that I have legally resided in the Russian Federation.

5,229 days since CIA Station Chief Joseph Moone and CIA Officer (Fake Ambassador) William Burns revoked my US Citizenship and told me to close this site.

4,954 days since I received political asylum in the Russian Federation.

4,954 days since I first applied for Russian citizenship and it was blocked for political reasons by the 5th column and the Snowden project team.

6,598 days since jar2.com has been on-line.

7,231 days since the CIA and Israel carried out the 911 attacks.

So what is new and what has been happening to the only ex-US citizen with asylum in the Russian Federation (a verified fact) and perhaps in the world? When I exposed CIA CIS Joseph Moone, the individual whom along with William Burns, informed me that there had been a hit on their computer and that they "had to revoke my US passport" and then when I asked why they told me to "close your fucking site", I had no idea that the so-called Ambassador was also a CIA officer. That fact has just recently become known and explains how they weree able to get away with what they did to me and my family. Now that we know that William Burns was a CIA Officer it makes perfect sense that Gina Haspel who was in charge of Black Operations in Moscow at the time and active in Moscow as late as 2015, appeared at my son's trial laughing up his fabricated imprisonment. The fact that no one in Russia has made a point of this or the fact that he is now the Director of the CIA only goes to show the level of real support that the CIA still enjoys in the Russian Federation and something that will take even harsher measures to get rid of than those that have already been applied. Will Russia ever be free of the scourge of the CIA? Will Russia ever truly be a sovereign and free country? My very life and existence depended and depend on that and things have been looking better, but are these changes real and will the course plotted by President Putin be completeld before I die? These are pressing questions and ones that for me are of real importance.    


Liberalism & Asylum in Russia: Helping a Foreign Military Inteligence Body Destroy Their Own Country

Asylum in Russia

Welcome to the New Blog - Sorry We No Longer DO Press Crap

http://www.jar2.com/Blog/Nutshell.html    http://www.jar2.biz/Topics/John_is_Innocent.htm

Welcome to Phase Two of TEMPORAL (Alpha): Mission Statement

I got tired of being banned, censored and muzzled on other social media. So I made my own with the idea in mind to create a space where normal, intelligent critical thinking people (if there are any left) can breathe, speak freely and say what they want without being censored by the BIG TECH Fascists and New World Order lunatics. My servers are based in Russia and YOUR information is not shared with anyone. However I recommend anonymizing yourself if you are going to upload files or sensitive material. As you can see by the globe on the front end, you are very likely NOT anonymous,





UPLOAD FILES TO JAR2 Anonymously: Login: ANON Pass: anon


06-14-2021 "They" Want Us to Simply Die

They want me dead and their partners continue to assist, but you are not supposed to know that and I am not supposed to be able to say anything about it, but something has changed. Something very very important has changed and it has nothing to do with the fake buffoon Trump, or the globalist filth Biden or the global terrorist criminal network called the CIA, and there is no "just" or humanistic Q-Anon, or even a free and just Anonymous, so it has nothing to do with them either. It has everything to do with justice and truth and in our humble role, JAR2. You will not stop us because God is on our side.

New article coming soon.

05-12 Celebrated Victory Day at the Main Cathederal of the Russian Armed Forces

See my VK for hundreds of photos and videos... Will post to Temporal and JAR2 when I can...



Quantum Destabilization

Again I promised a friend and a Highness that I would continue the theory I started below and thus will start with the introduction.

Reality, Causality and Quantum Annihilation

The Dangers of Fake News, Alternative Histories and Historical Revisionism

Finally I want to share with you something that came to me in my sleep and which I believe deserves serious thought and consideration. If you believe in parallel universe theory, alternative timelines, the multi-verse and time paradoxes and causality then serious food for thought may be had by the effects that historical revisionism may have on the stability of our mutual reality. It is one thing going back and changing an event which would cause organic and naturally propagated causality and it is quite another to synthetically attempt to erase or change a reality after it has occurred which is what the globalist Zionist cabal are attempting to do by erasing 911 and promoting lies, fictions and realities that are fabricated and synthetic in nature. As such my contention is that it is not possible to kill the truth without causing unpredictable causal fluctuations which will destroy reality at the fundamental level. Even if the revision is believed by even 100% of the observers of the quantum probability wave that is our shared reality, at the base level traces of reality will always remain which will serve to destabilize the timeline at the base level. Of course the globalist media idiots and historical revisionists and even Doctor Farrell would not understand this but I would hope that there are saner minds above them who will see the danger I have attempted to describe in the simplest terms possible.

Reality as we see it is a very fragile thing but as the word implies its foundation is on what is real and not simply what is perceived to be real. People who study causality, time travel, alternative realities. parallel universes, quantum theory and other related spheres of knowledge are all familiar with Schrödinger's cat and basic time paradoxes such as going back and killing your grandmother, meeting yourself and the effects that intentionally trying to change something can have, and it is generally agreed that intentionally attempting to change time can have catastrophic, unpredictable and dangerous results, with those who believe in the multiverse generally in agreement that effecting such changes would cause splitting time lines. We therefore can with some degree of certainty postulate that such changes which may occur from a real event variation would thus have real world effects on reality after the change, that is almost a given, unless you do not believe in free will and only one rigid course of events which is not scientifically reasonable in the least. To get to the point I am trying to make first we need to accept that for example, a reality where I was never born and one in which I was, or you were or anyone else, is a viable real timeline whose co-dependent events are also real to the observers at all levels and to the underlying quantum reality that is the fabric that holds everything together. That quantum reality, let's call it gravity, is what keeps everything tied down and in order if you will. As Einstein claimed to have discovered and other physicists have postulated time and gravity are interconnected, time as we see it going forward (although time itself exists in both directions) is kept in that parameter by gravity and the pull of it on objects since it has a one directional function, hence if we were to manipulate gravity and say get rid of it, time would go unhinged or unconnected from the associated matter. As a parallel let's consider the change in timelines for the one where I was not born and the quantum reality I am trying to communicate to you. In such a reality at the quantum level my appearance never really happened and thus my physically manifestation on "reality" never occurred, thus the atoms, the gravitation and the other natural functions and micro-realities that all of us effect with our existence never happened. Such a real scenario is stable and a legitimate reality as all associated processes, observers and related and interconnected quantum partners all exist and are in accordance and stable.

Schrödinger's cat is a good elementary example of parallel universe theory and alternative realities which exist in the multi-verse and are only quantified or "quantumfied" when the observer opens the box. Thus the quantum wave of reality collapsed into the given singularity and propagates from that point affecting everything (the entire universe if you will), this is natural and healthy and as things should be. However (let me try to make this as simple as possible so that anyone can understand), imagine if one were to open the box and find a dead cat but then closed it again and lied and told everyone that the cat was alive. There would be in fact a temporal anomaly created and therefore at the quantum level, starting with the lying observer, the reality would in fact be unstable and in the end not sustainable. For those of you who lie regularly you may not want to read further. Thus no matter how clever or multi-layered or well orchestrated the lie is, at the quantum level and thus in reality there is always a nexus point where the lie is not sustainable or is contradicted at a quantum or other fundamental level, this is the case with 911 for example, any five year old could tell you a lateral impact does not cause a vertical collapse, thus the ensuing reality is not sustainable, stable or able to exist indefinitely.

So where does that leave the Neo-Con Zionist perpetrators of 911 and those who stage massive False Flag events and are attempting to sustain a reality based on lies and fabrications and how is it that they are the greatest danger the universe is currently facing? If everything you believe is fake, as the CIA wants, then the reality you are in is an abomination. Countries based on genocide and lies such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia who support their right to exist by propagating lies and founding themselves on a fake reality are not tenable, sustainable or stable at the core level. Therefore it is just a matter of time (the great avenger) before they collapse. Quantum stabilization might be called harmony in simple terms and it is not obtainable when even one particle knows that the reality is synthetic and not "real". The British Royals, the so-called Americans and the Zionist lunatics believe and act as if they are God and manipulate and create realities that are only able to be supported by escalating levels and forms of manipulation. This is why they are so afraid of the truth. Were you all to see that the cat was in fact dead, their entire web of lies would collapse. Such are the simple truths of 911, that Semites are Palestinians, that Russia beat the Nazis on the Eastern front, that the United States has no right to be on Turtle Island and is in fact an illegitimate state based on genocide and that the USA was never on the moon and were the masses who observation of the reality in fact keeps it from collapsing, were to know real truths, then the fakers and the liars and the Illuminati enslavers would have nothing to manipulate with.  

At the quantum level you can not change reality once it is observed or materializes as part of the quantum wave of probability, even if that observer is just another atom. As with gravity you will become untethered and eventually your "time" will be up. What the fabricators and manipulators are doing is forcing you to also become and unstable partner in their reality and with each new compromised observer, the probability of a quantum collapse grows exponentially.   

Those engaged in creating false realities will have the ultimate price to pay when the Cat is finally seen.       

Someone is sending information back in time (or not) and they have one word for you. TRUTH

God Bless Mother Russia! 

P.S. Will continue when time says to.

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Surveillance Platform Exposed: Digital Genocide in Action - Beeline


It all started with the phrase "We see you are a Russian patriot..." Все началось с фразы «Мы видим, что ты русский патриот ...»

Weather Manipulation and Climate Warfare Has Been Stopped


April 03, 2021 - Dear Readers, A year ago we exposed the name of a Secret USAF chemtrailing program and after the fact that there was NO WINTER in Russia in 2019-2020 Russia took measures to stop the USAF and the US Government from continuing their reckless uneducated weather modification experiments and HAARP etc. This year we have had a completely normal winter. One that has not been seen in Russia since 1998. This morning, April 02,2021 I woke to snow, which is normal in April here where I live. I am very happy to report that ANOTHER monstrous SECRET CIA program has been stopped.

We do not need secret documents to verify this, it is visible. Now we have to save the bees but that is another story.

Effectiveness - The USA/NATO and their Big Tech lackeys and sycophants declared war on Russia and in the information war battlefield we have fought to defend Russian sovereignty and rule of law and truth. They want you to think that they have destroyed me but this is far from the truth. Things are happening behind the scenes and these are good things, so I decided to site back and observe as the seeds that have been planted take root and grow. As you know our longest running and most dangerous battle has been against the CIA's 5th column and their agents in Russia who manipulate the public and distort reality to bring about a passive client state for the West. This will never happen and I am happy that I have played a role in that. If you doubt just look at some of the things that are happening as a result of "topics" I have championed. Certain Limited Hangouts have been shut down, certain would-be-puppet presidents have been taken down or are in the process of being neutralized, certain genociding would-be-private kingdom makers are being tried for War Crimes, certain 911 perps have been liquidated and the list goes on. Rule of law, although the "elites" think they are above it, are being proven wrong and this is a wonderful and beautiful thing. So I will continue to observe and at the right time we will expose the true danger we are in. Have a great day whenever you may be.

God bless you all!

We Warned You, You Did Not Listen - Now We Are Supposed to Still Care?

March 28, 2021 - Dear Readers, Life here in Russia is completely and totally calm and normal. Other than endless reports on the Globalist run MOCKINGBIRD Russian media outlets and having to wear masks in certain places COVID 19 is not noticeable here where I live and despite media reports no one I know and none known to anyone I know has died. Russia was prepared and took measures early and it has worked and will continue to work as long as the borders remain closed. I can not understand what they are doing to you as deeply as I maybe should but I can tell you this, they unleashed this thing to carry out the measures that they are carrying out today. You will have Covid passports, you will be chipped, you and your next generation will be sterilized and culled with their killer vaccines and unfortunately there is nothing I can do to help you. Your countries and governments are run by a global mafia Cabal whose plans for a tyrannical Satanic New World Order they will bring about and will kill you all to do it. Mass-murderer Bill Gates, Fauci who created the Coronavirus strain he and his henchmen released are and will be free as birds as will Pedo Joe who stole an election and all of the rest of the Cabal. You could fight back but will it help. The courts, the investigative bodies and those that are supposed to protect you and punish these mass-murdering lunatic globalists, will not do so. What can you do? You can't rise up, not enough of you will, you can't remove them physically, not enough of you will do that, you can not covertly execute them, no one would even think of that, so what can you do? Wait and hope there is not a knock on your door, that maybe they will not notice you? Sure, except that won't work either. So what can you do? The same thing they want me and anyone like me to do? Just quietly die? I won't tell you to stand up and fight because you won't, I won't tell you there is hope, because there isn't, I won't try to expose them any longer because nothing happens, so what can we do? I would tell you but you will still not listen....   

March 27, 2021 - Dear Readers. It is not that I don't care it just that you never listen and nothing ever changes and for the most beautiful girl in the world  I really must say that Nepotism is not really the best way to go. It should not be important who you know but what you know, and that is the problem with the world today. (You can ignore that if it is not directed at you). So let me get back to what I was trying to get at...

Reality and truth, two words that are no long part of any debate, but truth is the most important building block in reality and reality is not something one can manipulate and change with endless lies, psychological operations and endless devious methods of manipulation, mind control and falsehoods. Before I continue my essay on Quantum Annihilation that I promised someone I would complete (and as a man of my word I always keep my promises) I feel it is necessary to start with some basic truths that will help you to stay rooted in reality and be an island or stability and peace in a world gone insane and a universe that is on the verge of collapse. I would also, as I feel it is my responsibility to share knowledge that I have gained, to give you dear reader some tips that you will need to get through the times ahead and to ensure your own survival and the survival of your bloodline as you serve as the vessel to progress and guarantee your ancestors existence into the future. The key here for critical thinkers and anyone who had even an inkling of what I am writing about and about to try to communicate to you, is to establish a root, for yourself, in the true reality that they are trying to take away from you. If all of that is too cryptic go back to whatever you were doing because it is only going to get even more complicated.


The Roman Colony of the United Kingdom and the British Empire and the Colonies Obtained by Genocide

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were actually found by a prostitute in the room of her client when he was asleep in the USSR. Although they clearly and with no variations give absolute instructions to the Zionists which they are following to this day the Zionists raise the anti-Semite claim and say they are fake. We just go back to the fake anti-Semite claim and everything falls apart. The Semitic people are those being genocided by the Zionists who are racially Ashkenazi and Khazari and have no blood claim to anywhere near Palestine. Even their language of Yiddish is not a Semitic or even Hebrew language, it is the language of the Khazari. The English Lord Rothschild wanted a Kingdom in Palestine, hence the endless lies and fabrications of the Jews, the Zionists, the Crown, the Americans and everyone who supports the Genocide in Palestine and the dollar pyramid of the Rothschilds. Therefore while that is still going on there is no need to be distracted and diverted to other truths. 911 was Israel and the Asteroids. There has been no stop to the attempt to posses the world by the Crown and their Corporate Agents, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. Everything we see today is part of their plan, NATO expansions, Covid Genocide, Automated warfare, the 5G Control Grid, the Internet, the MOCKINGBIRD, Crypto Currencies, and everything else.

Truth is that the MASONS, the secret societies and intelligence agencies of the Anglo World are all about Genocide and white supremacy.

The Doctrine of Discovery is still used today to justify genocide and racist policies and the continued illegal occupation of Turtle Island by Queenie's descendants of evicted murders and the scum of British Society.

Global Genocide by a Secret Out of Control Insane Cabal

With all of the warnings we were actively giving and the Intel regarding the collection of Russian DNA and illegal biological weapons experiments that the CIA, DARPA and NATO were conducting worldwide, it seems entirely insane that no one has put all of that and the "sudden" appearance of the Covid-19 biological weapon in the world's populations together into an almost no brainer. We add the Chemtrail distribution of pathogens and the weather manipulation to add credence to their global warming scam and it all makes perfect sense. However people choose to be blind.

COVID-19 Was Developed at Fort Detrick, Released in Wuhan and then into Western Populations: A False Flag Pandemic

First and foremost remember the term False Flag does not mean that nobody dies, it means that the real perpetrators use a Straw Man to hide behind and then use the "event" to further their before-planned-agenda. Yes there is a Coronavirus, yes there is an epidemic in some parts of the world but no it was not a natural occurrence and no China was not at fault. We have documented all of it, right here on JAR2 but the Cabal now controls any organization that has oversight, except perhaps the ICC. Which may in fact be the last hope for Western civilization. You know what the Cabal wants. Why won't you stop them?

There are Only Two Sexes  

Male, Female and perhaps hermaphrodites. If you are a hermaphrodite then you have a choice I suppose, the rest of you have, if you think you are trans, or homo or whatever, suffered damage to your sexual identities and need real help. 

The World is Laughing at the USA and President PEDO-JOE

MOSSAD and the Cabal lost their control tool over the USA's sexual perverted lawmakers so they installed a pedophile.

Treason is Still Treason

The monied "elite" "liberal" classes of the world, traitors and sycophants for the CIA and the US Establishment no longer have impunity in Russia thanks to President Vladimir Putin. That is the real sub-text that the elites' MOCKINGBIRD media will not tell you about.  

Politics Does Not Negate Criminality Nor Does it Make Crimes Real

There is no democracy


War Crimes are Still War Crimes and Aggressive War is Still Aggressive War

Micro-Managing Total Control Freaks are Ruling Most of the World

You are being mass surveilled

You are being surveilled but you can poison the pool

Propaganda and Mind Control Operations are Being Applied to the World's Public

Their Chief Instrument is Television Do Not Trust the Media nor the "Elites"

The North Atlantic is Still in the Same Location

The British Empire Has Never Stopped Expanding

There is no Country Called Israel its Name is Palestine

The Indigenous people in Palestine are not Europeans but in fact dark skinned Arabic looking people called Semites.

There is no Race Called Jews: There is a Religion

NOT a Conspiracy Theory: Rothschild: My Family Created Israel


Refugees and Asylees are People Too

The Satanic New World Order "Elites" Need You to Believe They are Real Powers

They are getting desperate and even now openly stating the lie that if you join them you will be one of them. Nepotism is corruption.

The Elites Rule by Illusion

Assange and Snowden Were Limited Hangouts

Seth Rich was killed by Craig Murray's Team

Snowden actually made mass-surveillance possible and Dinology, WikiStrat and Clearforce, as well as Pierre Omidyar and the Intercept Operation make that the only explanation for Snowden being give NSA files by Maurice Greenberg and his Burns Allen Hamilton operation is that he is a mind-controlled plant. Snowden probably believes he is a "great exposer of illegality" when in fact he is a CIA MOLE/AVATAR on a Limited Hangout.

False Flag Terrorism is Real and Has Not Stopped

It has escalated into the False Flag Pandemic. If this is not true then those profitting and advancing agendas need to stop doing so

Capitalsim is Cannibalism

99.996% of Terrorism is CIA Sponsored and Controlled

911 - Was an Inside Job

The Asteroids Are Real

Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, Michael Hayden, John Jones, Evelyn de Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild, Rothschild WB/IMF Security

WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be back later dear reader. It is now 03 28 2021 01:56:47


Update Soon Fighting the Big Tech Demons in a Hunger Games World

Real Message from the Real Asylee and the Real Leaksite Owner and the Real JAR2

March 09, 2021 - Hello everyone and nice to be writing at you, for you or to you as the case may be. In cyber space time it has been an eternity since I last posted anything and I do apologize to all of my dear and beloved readers who continue to visit the site and read our content.

Last December we were on the verge of exitinction as BIG TECH attempted to wipe us out on the technical side by implementing new TLS, SSL and encryption "standards" that were supposed to force us and million sof other little guys into folding up and disappearing. The Soros funded Mozilla and Google Chrome began lterally block JAR2 and delivering users warning that JAR2 was not a safe site even though we were asimple static site and only had an SSL channel for the sole reason that it satfies the tech ginat monopolisitc search engines and their masters at the NSA who are then "legally" allowed to save all data  to and from such a channel for a period of 30 years. They hack and own the Microsoft created cyphers anyway but you are not supposed to know that. So I spent last December hacking that. Oh the days of PGP 6.5.8, the last uncrackable encryption available to the common man.

From a completely locked down static site to a social media platform in two months, or how I hacked it all together.

Welcome to Phase one of TEMPORAL (Alpha): Mission Statement

I got tired of being banned, censored and muzzled on other social media. So I made my own with the idea in mind to create a space where normal, intelligent critical thinking people (if there are any left) can breathe, speak freely and say what they want without being censored by the BIG TECH Fascists and New World Order lunatics. My servers are based in Russia and YOUR information is not shared with anyone. However I recommend anonymizing yourself if you are going to upload files or sensitive material. As you can see by the globe on the front end, you are very likely NOT anonymous,





UPLOAD FILES TO JAR2 Anonymously: Login: ANON Pass: anon


The Real Hunger Games Model of the World by the Satanic "Elites"

Why the West wants to sanction Russia is beyond me... Just kidding. In fact it is all part of a big show my friends.

My son understood that we would never be allowed to normalize our status here and that we would never be allowed to be anything more than BUMS and that is the official classification my friends. Yes it is.

They laugh and say, "Oh BUM is okay, it just means 'without your own real-estate or permanent home!' but that's okay we have the unconstitutional registration anyway!"

My son thought that my service to the state and my position would have allowed me to save him from the fabricated charges against him and get him out of 5 years of prison but he was too stupid to understand and to brainwashed by the Russian's own neo-Liberal school education that he received in Lubertsy in the '90s, to believe that his arrest was ordered by the CIA and facilitated by "elites" such as Kisilev and Bistritsky, whom in fact my service protects. Nice one aye kids?

The CIA and the Globalists have been so successful in brainwashing Russian youth that many of today's young Russians do not even celebrate Russian Holidays like Women's Day and instead the Navalny led brainwashed youth celebrate things like Valentine's Day and Hollween which have nothing to do with Russia or Russian culture, the first being Catholic and the latter being Satanic.  

The Real Story Behind the Voice of Russia Liquidation

I will continue this topic when I have time.

The Real Story Behind the Endless Trump "Deep State War"

I will continue this topic when I have time.

The Real Story Behind the Rostov Trips and the Real Slow Motion Murder

Quantum Destruction, Timeline Destabilization and Opening the Gates of Hell

I will continue this topic when I have time.

You May Have Stolen an Election and Censored Everyone but You Will LOSE

There Can Be Nothing More Patriotic Than Evicting Criminals from Power and Attempting to Return

that Power to the People, Enough of the "Too BIG to Jail" 1% Globalist "Illuminati" Empire War Scum


January 16, 2021 - We are not done yet Goebbels fags.


Time in Russia - Since November 26, 1996

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